What to buy a 9 year old girl for her birthday

Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out what to buy a 9-year-old girl for her birthday…but don’t worry! There are ways that you can still get your shopping done and have fun doing it. In this blog, we’ll be sharing practical advice on what to buy a 9-year-old girl for her birthday as well as some gifts you might consider.

What to buy a 9 year old girl for her birthday

If you are looking for a gift for a 9 year old girl, there are several things that she might like.

9 year old girl essentials

A nine year old girl needs a lot of things, but there are some birthday gifts that are must-haves for every girl. These 9 year old girl essentials include clothes and accessories, but also activities and toys to keep her busy.

Buying a gift for an 8 year old girl

If you’re still not sure what to get, here are some fun and personal gifts that will be loved by your daughter.

What to get a 10 year old girl for her birthday

Gifts for a 10 year old girl are difficult. She probably has everything she needs and wants. You should consider getting her an experience that she will remember for the rest of her life, not just another toy to collect dust.


In order to get a 9 year old girl the birthday she deserves, you have to get her something that shows that you care about her. This could be a time for her to open up and let loose, so give her something girly, but not too girly.

What To Buy For A 9 Year Old Girl

A girl really loves Frozen. She loves it so much that she has probably seen the movie more than a few times and all of her favorite songs are called out when a song comes on the radio. But sometimes girls, like any other human on earth, could use some help getting ideas for what to buy for their friends or family members. Here’s some strategies for shopping for your 9 year old girl!

9 year old girl birthday gifts

Here are some ideas for gifts that can help celebrate the nine-year-old girl’s birthday.

9 year old girl clothing

A 9-year-old girl can be a little more complicated than a customer who is 25. When it comes to clothing shopping for a 9-year-old girl, there are differences that must be taken into consideration in order to find clothes that will suit her needs best.

9 year old girl jewelry

There are so many options when it comes to 9 year old jewelry. Obviously this is not the time to go all out and buy her a tiara or other lavish costume jewelry, but you can still purchase some sparkly accessories. Here are some ideas on what might look good on a young woman:
“Tiny earrings that said ‘Disney’ would be perfect for a simple Disney princess costume.”
“Some shiny lip balm would provide extra shine at any age.”
“If you bought your daughter these sterling silver hoop earrings, she’ll be carrying around some silver from Disney up until she’s thirty.””

9 year old girl electronic gift

If you’re in a pinch and really don’t know what kind of gift to give your 9 year old daughter but want something that’s pretty good, might I recommend a present that is easy for her to use and excels in the areas she’s interested?

9 year old girls toy

A lot of nine year old girls are into dolls. There are all sorts of options out there, including some building blocks or chemistry sets to help them build friendships with other girls and start conversations.

What do 9-year-old girls like?

9-year-old girls are just beginning to explore the world of makeup and fashions a great deal more. They generally like to pick out trends and different items based on what celebrities wear, often showing interest in sparkly, pink, or “girly” things while also wanting anything that they cannot try yet. This means that you should provide them with clothing and skincare items as well as make up as great gifts for their birthday so that they can learn about these things even more.

Border crossing suggestions

The first thing to do before embarking on the Mother’s Day gift hunt is to know your recipient well. Does she like makeup? Is she an athlete or a reader? Take a few days to get a feel for where your daughter spends her time before deciding what to buy. Once you do, make sure that you follow her interests and are not ultra-specific.

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