The Grave Digger Monster Jam Toy

This blog article is about the newest Monster Jam toy, the Grave Digger Monster Jam toy. This blog goes over what it offers, how well it can function, and a fun fact about Grave Digger.

Monster Jam: What is it?

Monster Jam is a live show that combines monster trucks for entertainment purposes. Monster Jam also includes side-events such as freestyle, speed racing, and mud/dirt wrestling. It was created in 1979 by Tom Meents in Dallas, Texas.

Grave Digger Toy: What is it?

The Grave Digger Monster Jam toy is a toy that you can attach to your Grave Digger ride-on car. This toy has two main functions: the first one is to make a realistic rumbling sound when you hit bumps, and the second one is the sounds will actually be played on the ride-on car speakers. You would also be able to use this toy with other Monster Jam toys from Hasbro.

Why Should You Buy a Grave Digger Toy?

Grave Digger Monster Jam toys are a great way to entertain your children, especially if they love watching monster trucks. Not only is it fun, but it will help your children develop their motor skills as they play with the toy. There are also many great features and benefits to buying these toys for your kids.

Where to Find a Grave Digger Toy

Grave Digger is a toy made by Mattel. It is a monster truck toy with four wheels and a horizontal drive shaft. The Grave Digger Monster Jam Toy became popular in the late 1990s. You can find this monster truck toy at online stores such as or for about $30 to $60.

How Much Does a Grave Digger Toy Cost?

The Grave Digger is sold at Walmart, Toys R US, and Amazon for just a few dollars more than $25. This is a great toy for any Monster truck fan!


Grave Digger is a fictional monster-truck character in the Monster Jam monster truck pulling circuit. He is a mottled green, orange and red creature with black eyes and horns. In 2009, he was chosen to be the face of Monster Jam toys by Mattel.

3 Reasons to Buy Monster Jam Grave Digger Toys

The Monster Jam GP Grave Digger wrecking machine is now on sale! With this toy, you’ll have the joy of getting a full team of Grave Diggers in front of the TV while they transform your living room into a haunted graveyard.

What Makes Monster Jam Grave Digger So Special?

Grave Digger is considered to be the most powerful and intimidating dirt track monster truck on the planet! What makes this monster so great? The Great 8-Head Monster Truck Grave digger features! These features all work together for one goal: To give every fan a Grave Digger as close to their ideal construction as possible.

A Review of the Grave Digger and How It Will Change Your Life

Grave Digger is a bad-ass figure, the way its body can go from the exhaust pipe to the front bumper of the Hummer in milliseconds is something to be seen and experienced. All-around this is an amazing opportunity for your child.

3 Advantages of Buying a Monster Jam Grave Digger

While Monster Jam is always a blast to watch, there’s nothing quite like owning a classic Grave Digger. If you’ve been watching Grave Digger wield its blades around the arena, you’ll find owning the real thing will be the ultimate experience in true Monster Jam fun. You’ll get that unique touch, and your kids will be able to find that special blade!

Some Advice for Big Collectors

If you’re considering a Big Collector Grave Digger, there are probably several reasons on your mind. You may want to buy this toy because every Grave Digger collector who owns it also gets 10 ounces of gold from each sale, which ensures that the purchase was a good investment for you. That’s one reason to purchase this toy, but not necessarily the main one. There are three important reasons to buy Grave Digger toys, which should be at the top of your list if those factors seem likely to appeal to you and eliminate any others as possibilities!


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