The Board Game “It Was A Life”

The Board Game “It was a life” is a board game in which players fight for survival on an abandoned Earth stripped of all resources. In the end, one player emerges as a winner who has found peace and salvation in their new world.

The Board Game

The Board Game “It Was A Life” is a game about the upcoming end of life for people in America. It’s about the way that Americans die, but also helps to ponder the lives we have lived and how much time is left.

The History of the Board Game

The Board Game “It was a life” is a story that tells of the lives of six people, each with different stories and problems. It is also one of the best known board games in history.

Rules of the Board Game

The rules are simple and easy to follow. The first player picks a card and then reads the next rule aloud. The game ends in one of two ways: playing all the cards or completing the story told in the cards.

The company behind

The Board Game “It Was A Life” is a board game created by the company behind the controversial film, “It Was A Good Day.” The game is meant to help children explore and process difficult topics such as bullying.


The Board Game \”It Was A Life\” is a game that gives you the chance to make your own decisions and live through emotions, pains and joys of life.

You Have To Play “It Was a Life” Now

Many people really enjoy playing board games with their friends and families. However, not everyone is excited to play a board game ever again. There are fewer board game sales which means that many of the games can get quite expensive! So why should you keep shelling out your cash for these games now? You may be thinking that what makes a good board game immersive are its surprises. Take the board game \”It Was A Life\”, for example, players will be moving random pieces whenever they want but when a

Background Info On Board Game

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Tips For Beginners

For those who are new to these sorts of games, playing It Was a Life becomes an adoring, never-ending task that everyone will love. However, for those taking the game seriously, parts will definitely be difficult and monotonous. Mostly: how do you progress in a game of Solitaire?


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Engaging Players

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