The best lego ninjago sets with snakes

I spend a lot of time at home building with legos, but I’m not the only one. Building with legos is something that many people do and it can be fun in more ways than one when you have friends over to play!

The best lego ninjago sets with snakes

Ninjago Zone has an extensive collection of the best lego ninjago sets with snakes. This assortment includes a complete assortment of The Fire Temple, The Throne Room, and The Great Devourer.

Additional lego ninjago sets with snakes

Lego ninjago sets with a snake theme are available for purchase on The different sets include hulk snakes, snake army, and the serpentine minifigure (ninja bird).

Things to consider when buying a lego set

What sets make the best lego ninjago sets? There are many considerations to take into account first and foremost is whether or not you want a set with snakes. The next consideration is which Lego folks are included in the set, and what animals/ninjas make up that pack. You also should think about the size of the set – do you already have enough room for it?

Buying guide for the best lego sets with snakes

The best sets are those that have the most amount of Ninjago ninjas and snakes. The best sets to buy right now would include Ninjago City Chase, Kung Fu Temple Showdown and Ninja Mech Battle.


This article has been a great guide for any beginner looking to buy their first set of lego ninjago. I would recommend this article to people after they already have played with the sets and know what they like and dislike about them. For  list of some more sets for beginners that you can buy, check out the article at the bottom of the post.

More information about lego ninjago sets with snakes

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the difference between monkey ninjago and scorpion ninjago?” Perhaps your better question is “What’s the difference between snake and a cobra?” In this article, our interpretation of the Lego Ninjago Monkey sets was split up into two different types for those who might come across more complicated Lego Ninjas.

What You Need to Know About Legos

Lego has many different sets that are available. Ninjago is one of them and the sets inspire children to be more creative, solve problems, and have fun. There are also a lot of Lego videos online to help kids understand how the set works better when used as well as for educational purposes.

How to Build a LEGO Snake

This is the perfect lego legoworld for those who are looking for something easy to put together and that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Recreating in LEGO Thiungasaurus

It’s possible to construct the Thiungasaurus by yourself without too much effort. This can make it more believable because it still creates the look of a real dinosaur even if the kids don’t really build it themselves. The body segments aren’t nearly as difficult as they initially seem and comprise of only 7 studs with most building materials any child should be able to find on their own without too much hassle.

Tips for Making the Best Out of Your LEGO Experience

It may be tempting to make every build a piece of art, but you wouldn’t want to end up with too many stickers in your LEGO creations. Therefore, it’s important to set yourself goals before starting a design and carefully work through the steps to make your creation turn out as good as you had planned.


The TOP 5 LEGO Sets with Snakes is a list that features the best lego sets for kids. The selected five offers affordable and fun options for children to build, create, and explore the tremendous world of ninjas.

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Agree or disagree?

Disagree. Legos are made of this material called ABS Plastic, which is designed to be food safe. ABS plastics actually contain chemical additives that help the plastic become more rigid during manufacturing processes.


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