The best lego friends sets under $50

This article provides a list of the best Lego sets under $50 for all types of families. From the family that just wants to play together, to the family with children and boyfriends and girlfriends who have different interests, this is a list you need to review before deciding on your next purchase!

What is a lego friends set?

A lego friends set is a group of pieces that can be put together to create an assortment of lego figures. Lego Friends sets are generally aimed at girls and include characters like a horse, cat, and dog.

The best lego friends sets under $50

The best lego friends sets for under $50 are the BrickArms FN-2187 and Micro Fighter EVO 7. The BrickArms is a set that has over 250 pieces, making it a complete set to build any of your favorite characters from Star Wars, Marvel, DC universe, or even your own creations. The Micro Fighter has only 27 pieces, but the darts come embedded with LED lights and the remote controls the fighter.

How to find the best lego friends set for you

It’s hard to find a good lego friends set under $50. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. We’ve picked the top 10 best lego friends sets for you to choose from.
1. LEGO Friends Heartlake City Mall – 54 pieces
2. LEGO Friends Love that Pet Shop – 48 pieces
3. LEGO Friends Beach House – 152 pieces
4. LEGO Friends City Jungle Rescue-42 pieces
5. LEGO Friends Camping Adventure-55 pieces
6. Lego Friends Snow City Cafe-130 pieces
7. LEGO Friends Bumblebee’s Rock Star Rescue-78 pieces
8. LEGO Friends Juniors Snowmobile Police Chase-28 Pieces
9. LEGO Friends Emmet

Important features and considerations for buying a lego friends set

If you are looking for a lego friends set, then a great way to go is to look at sets that have the most pieces and accessories. If you have young children, looking for a lego friends set is a great way for them to bond with their friends so consider purchasing sets such as Lego Friends Emma’s Big Day or Friends Olivia’s Cool Car. Additionally, make sure the set can handle being played with by multiple ages.

How to make a lego friends up to 50 sets

One of the best ways to save money when buying lego friends sets is to get a couple in bulk. This will help you get a few friends sets that you would want to buy, while also saving some money. So if you are looking for the best lego friends sets under $50, here are some great options:

Best Legos Sale

As the holiday shopping season ramps up and you start scheming ways to good affordable Christmas gifts, you may feel tempted by ads for some hot toy that’s due to pop up sooner than soon. But if you’re already drafting a list of presents for your family and friends, consider giving them some legos.

Lego Friends

Lego Friends is a line of Lego sets released in 2010 designed to include more female-themed sets and minifigures.

Best Legos Sale

Lego is a company that continuously produces a good quality product. The Best Legos Sale is one of their ways of showing off some of their more popular products at a lower price point. This sale has great Lego sets on sale for kids, families, and adults.

What is a Best Legos Sale?

A best legos sale is when a store goes on a huge clearance. These sales usually last about three weeks, which allows for dramatic discounts. There are over 15 million sets of Lego in the United States alone, so these sales help people to save their money and buy what they need.

The Legos for sale in the Best Legos Sale

The Best Legos Sale is on now with the LEGO Friends, City Ambush and Harley Quinn Minifigure Pack being offered for a price you don’t want to miss. Check out all of the other amazing offers this sale has to offer as well!

What are the Best Legos in this sale?

In this Legos sale, the Mega Builders Set is a good option because it comes with everything needed for hours and hours of creative play. Children can build these awesome models-a Tyrannosaurus rex, a lunar lander, and more-from scratch without having to buy additional Lego bricks or pieces.

How much are these Legos worth?

Some lego sets can cost over $1000. However, for the best deals, you should use websites like eBay and Amazon to find great deals on sets designated only for sale by LEGO authorized sellers.

Tips to find cheaper lego people in stores and online

If a particular lego person isn’t sold out in stores, look for single people on sites such as or and go from there. Sometimes it is easier to find a cheaper, single lego person in stores rather than the desired duet,


Number one on our list is the Lego Friends. If you’re looking for Legos for your girls, this option is perfect because it has art instead of all those scary men with their guns and explosions, a girl’s life is much more likely to get saved in a Lego Friends set.

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