The best baby books we loved

After the birth of your baby, you might find that parenting can be a little intimidating. You might not know what books to read or how to care for your child. But don’t worry! In this blog post, we cover some of the best books for children and babies from 0-2 years old.

What are the best baby books?

There are many books out there for new parents, but not all of them are helpful in the same way. Some people may find that they want to read more about parenting methods in general while others might want parenting books with information on specific topics like breastfeeding. It’s important to remember that there is no “right” book, so it’s always recommended to check reviews before buying.

How many baby books should I buy?

We all know the benefits of reading to our children from a very young age. It helps them to develop their understanding of language and speech, and it’s the perfect way to get them interested in exploring stories. You may also want to read books about parenting style or baby development. Parents will often buy more than one book for these categories, but I recommend getting your hands on a few before you decide which ones you like best.

Books for Newborns

When my daughter was born, it seemed like people were constantly giving me books. It was hard to keep up with their suggestions of what I should read to her or give as gifts for baby showers, so here are some of our favourites that she enjoyed the most.


Now that we’re a couple months into parenthood, we’re really looking forward to reading more books about parenting!

Books for the Best Little One

Children grow up amazingly quickly, and parents do need to keep that in mind while reading books to their children. Now, you might find that the only time adults get any attention is when they are reading aloud to them. But there are other forms of interaction too – cuddling, singing lullabies, sharing feelings about what is happening in the story or laughing at silly humour. Here are 12 delightful books for children who will be ready for the next stage in their reading adventures, from 2 to 3

What are the best books for 0-2 year olds?

This age group is in a phase of rapid growth in the cognitive, physical and social areas. Books in this range should highlight a title character in a whimsical world which heightens this sense of wonder. To give light to innumerable books that adhere to this type, we’ve compiled a list of some great options with an inclusive idea of what may put specific readers at ease. We start this with one familiar bestseller: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown which is absolutely charming for its tranquility and ability to soothe any child from coast to coast with cherished memories from bedtime.

List out 5 books for kids aged 0-2

A couple of my favorite books for babies age 0 to 2 are “Where’s Spot?”
“Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch”
Harold and the Purple Crayon,
Black Sheep
and The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Reviews up to date of which are the best children’s books of 2019

J.K. Rowling, of Harry Potter fame, has recently published her first children’s book for adults with six fairy tales that are just right for adults who still think they are children. Other entries in this year’s top books for children are Lincoln, Aliens Love Underpants!, Harry Potter, Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties, Pete the Cat Absolutely Anything…

Other book recommendations for this age group

My Friend Rabbit Vol. 2 by Eric Rohmann
Baby Einstein Stepping Stones – Shapes by Julie Aigner-Clark
Baby Body Talk – A Little Book of Love by Dee La Pianista
We’re All Wonders by R.J Palacio


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