Rainbow High Dolls

Congratulations! You have just found your dream doll! After doing plenty of research and reading tons of reviews, you finally decided on a Rainbow High Doll.

What is the Rainbow High Dolls?

The Rainbow High Dolls are handmade, soft and cuddly dolls with a heart of love for children. Each doll is made with a unique pattern and has a beautiful, colorful design on their clothes that also changes every time they move. The Rainbow High Dolls are made with European Organic Cotton and scented with essential oils. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors so you can find one to fit your child’s personality!

Why Rainbow High Dolls?

Rainbow High Dolls are just like traditional dolls, but with a difference. They are all made with recycled fabric, and come in packs of three to promote diversity. In addition to the recyclable fabric, Rainbow High Dolls also have a soy body made from recycled plastic bottles.

Who are the Rainbow High Dolls for?

The Rainbow High Dolls are designed for children ages four to eight. They are the perfect addition to any little girl’s doll collection. They come in a variety of colors, faces, and styles. The dolls come with a carrying case, which makes it easy for children to keep their doll together whenever they are away from home.

When Should I Get a Rainbow High Doll?

The Rainbow High Dolls are great for any girl who is getting her first doll or for anyone that has been looking for a new toy. They are made of a very high quality and come in many different colors and styles. Some of the dolls even have other features like a comb, brush, or hair clip.

Where Can You Buy a Rainbow High Doll Online?

We have a variety of options for buying your Rainbow High Doll. You can buy them from the website, Amazon, eBay, or even buy them on the doll’s own website.


The Rainbow High Doll series is a collection of dolls that target the LGBTQ community. The company has stated that they want to create a doll with a complete, diverse range of features and adventures, reflecting the true diversity of people within the community. They hope to help kids to see themselves in their dolls, as well as let them know that there is a place for them in society.

Rainbow High Dolls

For every day of colorful adventures, look no further than our Rainbow High doll! Crafted with care, we’ve taken all our favorite scenes – on the go, in school, and at playtime – and turned them into realistic poses. Each set is meticulously constructed with natural and lifelike expressions to make playing real fun!

What is a Rainbow High Doll?

Basically, these are dolls that have been made after one of the loyal FH2 members. They resemble the little girl, who wears contrasting colors to make her look colorful and amazing.

About the company creating the dolls

Rainbow High Dolls consists of two religious sisters from Jakarta. The company has experienced a lot of success in the past few years, and because of that they’ve hired numerous employees as well as acquired their own factory. With the passage of time they’ve also been able to incorporate children with autism into their company, most recently expanding their horizons to China in terms of making intricately detailed dolls that are still a paradise for people with anxiety disorders

How to get started with your own Rainbow High Dolls blog

Get started with your own Rainbow High Dolls blog by following these 7 free tips.

The cost of Rainbow High Dolls to start blog about them

Rainbow High Dolls have a fairly high entry cost for blog about them. The initial investment is $70 for the website and t-shirt, and then there is usually only a one time $10 fee to enter the affiliate program. This puts the average cost of getting started at just over $100 along with shirts and tags that usually carry a small price tag. Since the wholesalers sell their own dolls, it’s hard to make money on this line without charging an expensive premium because of supply/demand limitations.

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