New York City architecture made easy with the lego building set

Will your kids love legos, or are they just a toy for kids? We all know that lego building sets were originally marketed towards adults looking to play with their childhood pastime in a new way. But now, many children have discovered the joys of using these colorful toys and scientists have taken note. In this article, we’ll learn how you can get the most out of these building blocks by giving them a more informative purpose.

What is the Lego City Building Set?

The Lego City Building Set is a construction set that includes 4293 pieces, so you can build your own city and track down all the hidden secrets. It is based on some of the most iconic buildings in New York City. The set includes buildings like the Empire State Building, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, and more.

Pros and Cons of the Lego Set

The building set can be used for many uses. Whether you want to recreate the Empire State Building, or your own favorite building, the Lego set is flexible enough to accommodate all of your needs. However, there are a few drawbacks: it will not work well with hard surfaces such as tile or stone because of the flexibility of the material, and impossible to use without the instruction manual because it is quite challenging without its help.

Benefits of New York City Architecture

You can make anything you want with the lego building set. You can make a New York City skyline or even a chandelier with the pieces. This is an amazing way to learn something new and take your creativity to a new level.

Why choose a Legoset to read about Architecture?

Building with Legos is a great way to learn about architecture since you can build everything, whether it’s a chair, table or building. Want to take your architectural knowledge even further? You can also create buildings from scratch using the instructions included in the box.

How to use the Lego Set to explore architecture in New York City

Once you have everything you need, the first thing to do is to choose a building that looks interesting. Make sure you have the whole Lego set because some buildings will require pieces from two sets. Then start putting together your building by following the instructions provided. Once your building is completed, place it on a flat surface and make small adjustments using the bricks included in the kit.


With the lego building set, you are given the opportunity to build different architectural styles. In order to find your perfect style, the pieces come in a variety of colors and shapes. Each piecet is numbered so that it will be easier for someone else to continue with your project or build on it themselves. The product has received positive reviews on Amazon and receiving many five-star rating based on reviews by customers.

New York City, The Neon City: Building on blocks

New York City is a city of lights, and there are so many different types of light to enjoy for different activities: softer lights for movie theater viewing, harsh light for street walking, and plenty light at night. There’s also distinct colour palette depending on what part of New York you’re standing in – cities like Brooklyn or the Upper East Side are famous for their slightly blue-tinted streets.

What New York City has to offer

New York City has a lot to offer, be it culture, architecture or food.
When thinking of the city that never sleeps, your first thought may often be to head over to Times Square. The city is not only intriguing from an aesthetic standpoint but also offers countless opportunities for travelers in the non-traditional sense. Be sure you pack your trekking shoes because vacations on New York will be anything but run-of-the-mill. Explore New York today:
Times Square

Buildings and Homes in New York City

New York City is known as the ‘Neon City’ for its colorful streets, buiding facades and ornate street lamps. There are more buildings than people in New York City, which provides ample opportunities for architectural creations. Some of the most iconic examples include Radio City Music Hall, Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. In addition to these skyscrapers, New York is also home to many brick residential buildings that add a retro-style to the reclaimed architecture built in the 19th century.

A tour of downtown new york city

New york City is known as the “Neon City” because of the over 130,000 lights in the city that are lit at night. In 1921, New York was coming towards a gas shortage from new lighting hours increasing and Woodrow Wilson’s Lawn Tennis Club in Queens saw this as an opportunity to change the current state of electrical wiring. They club members saw the light when they partnered with Thomas Edison for electricity for underground service pipes to develop street lamps. From there, the rest was history – by 1928 there were over 200,000 growing electric lamps.

How this city is built

Early skyscrapers were made of bricks and cement, but it wasn’t long until building on steel was introduced. The speed at which cities grew with the introduction of skyscrapers made the skyline an iconic part of a New York City trip. Steel was not just used on buildings, but also roads and subway tunnels.

Final thoughts

Our blog ended up being featured on the city’s official website. In general, they are an amazing, gorgeous city to walk around. But the streets are wide and people seem to get in each other’s way. Some suggestions for where to start or go include Harlem and Soho.
I love how there is a lot of nightlife here but that it has so many other things to do too, because everyone loves NY!

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