My Little Pony Activity Set

My Little Pony is one of the most popular kids brands on the market today, and has been for many years. For children who grow up with My Little Pony they are able to form a bond with the characters that other children just don’t have. This activity set is a great way to learn more about My Little Pony – it includes 20 pages of activities, puzzles, and games that are simple enough for even the youngest of kids to understand and enjoy!

My Little Pony Activity Set Unboxing

My Little Pony Activity Set is a new collectible set that includes 4 mini-figures, specially designed play mats, stickers and other accessories to help you create and play out your own adventures with the Mane Six.

What is the My Little Pony Activity Set?

The My Little Pony Activity Set is a pamphlet that has games and activities for young kids to play, as well as a coloring book. The pamphlet has activities like matching cards, finding stickers, connecting the dots, and “spot the difference.” The coloring book has all six of the My Little Ponies in it.

Ages for my little pony activity set

My Little Pony Activity Set is a wide-ranging program for little ones. It includes games, crafts, and activities that children can do individually or with their friends. Children will have a blast while they learn important skills such as following directions, having confidence in themselves, and taking turns. My Little Pony Activity Set also contains different props to help set the mood for whatever activity happens to be happening.

How to use the my little pony activity set

The my little pony activity set is an interactive kids’ toy that is designed for toddlers and young kids. Each of the toys are very mesmerizing for kids to watch, and the different parts of the set can be stored in a small carrying case. The toys can also be taken out of the carrying case to place around the house.

Why purchase a my little pony activity set

Before you purchase a my little pony activity set, it is important to consider the age of your child. My Little Pony sets are designed for children ages 3 and up. If your child is younger than that, they may not get much out of the activities in the set.

What Do You Get with a My Little Pony Activity Set?

If you are a My Little Pony fan, then you will love the My Little Pony Activity Set. This set comes with an interactive storybook, coloring and activity pages that help you to create your own My Little Pony adventures! You will also receive stickers, so you can decorate your journals, notebooks and other book binders.


The conclusion says that the ponies loved the activity set and that it was very colorful.

My Little Pony Activity Set

My Little Pony has been a part of many children’s lives since its beginning in 1986. It is one of the longest-running and most-popular television shows on the market, but with that comes lots of interesting merchandise options to go with it. We sat down with the team at Tiny Apple Shops, who created an activity set for My Little Pony, adding more fun and enjoyment to this iconic brand. From these sets, children are able to create life-like pony props exactly as they’re

What is the My Little Pony Activity Set all about?

The My Little Pony Activity Set is a toy for girls ages 3-6. It includes a string of blindfolded, balloon animals to identify in the dark, a squeaky wheeled scramble mat, and a tiny magic wand. The toy has three modes: magic mystery, chase eggs and speak. The magic mystery mode teaches kids pre verbal skills such as numbers 0-10, names of shapes and colors. The third option lets your child hear popular words spoken by their favorite ponies while they’re spinning the wheel to match symbols hidden on the wheel’s paddles with images on the poster above.

My Little Pony, you’re my best friend

You love to be your little pony, whether you’re cosplaying them as a part of a group or simply role playing it on the couch with friends. These are the six most well-known My Little Pony pods and their main characters

What do My Little Pony Altogether have to offer?

My Little Pony Activity Set is a book with stories, games and crafts for one, two or six kids. There are eight different books offered and lets users recommended for patience and are designed to be age-appropriate for children beginning at three years old.

How does it compare to other sets?

My Little Pony was a popular kids’ TV show in the 1980s. A few decades later, My Little Pony reappeared with Activision’s new game “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Unlike other activities sets, this one has multiple tips and tricks only accessible if you have knowledge of Hasbro’s popular children’s show “My Little Pony”

Why should parents buy it for their kids?

The My Little Pony Activity Set has a lot of ways to help kids be creative. The set comes with an activity booklet that contains games, puzzles, music, and much more. It also has coloring pages, stickers, dolls, and other things that are high-quality and can show off the toys’ bright colors.

Draw your own life lessons from the activity set

Having an activity set doesn’t have to be so complicated. Just get creative, and let your little ponies (and you) know how you feel about a situation or event. This is a perfect way to teach your young readers what life lessons should look like.


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