My Big Sister, My Little Sister

This article describes a sister’s relationship with each other and how one changes at different stages in their life. A person’s relationship with their sibling can be complicated but can also be an important part of understanding the development of that individual.

My my big sister, little sister

My big sister, my little sister is a blog of two sisters. They write about everything they do, from their work and travels to their family life and favorite books.

Why Call Me Big Sister

When I was younger, my big sister always tried to show me love, affection, and support. Even though we had a great relationship when I was little, I never really knew how to give her the same respect as she showed me. Now that I am older and more independent, my little sister makes up for all the little things that my big sister did for me when I was young.

My Little Sister

My Little Sister loves playing with her big sister’s makeup when she visits. She also watches movies and videos on her big sister’s laptop. One day, my little sister asked if she could wear a dress that was too grown up for me to wear anymore. I put it on and we spent the day out at the mall together.

What is the Best Way to Talk to My Little Sister?

If you have a younger sibling, you know how they can be. They go off on tangents, they ask questions that make you want to pull your hair out, and sometimes they just say things without thinking about the consequences. How do you talk to them without getting frustrated? This blog is here to help with that.

How Day Care Helped Us Stay Together and Connected

Day care helped my big sister and me to stay together and connected. I moved from California with my dad when I was three months old, and she lived in a different state. With day care, we were able to keep in touch with each other during the year. We would send letters and photos, talk on the phone or video chat, play games on computers or watch videos together–even though we were miles apart.

When my big sister and my little sister are both at home, they have a big time together.

10 Tips For Better Big Sister/Little Sister Relationships

Being the older sibling in a family can often lead to tension. Older siblings may struggle with pushback from newer and younger siblings, while mom and dad may feel stressed out by all of the moments that need their attention early in life. This article provides tips for how to make your big sister/little sister relationship healthier – how a big sister can create a welcoming home, balance check-ins with limits and expectations, learn what win-win looks like, and more!

10 Tips for Better Big Sister or Little Sister Relationships

The holidays can sometimes bring a lot of stress out, so it is important to have strong and supportive relationships with your family. To make this easy, try sharing these 10 tips with your little sisters and big sisters to ensure they get the time they need.

The Benefits of Interaction

A special bond can form with a little sister or big sister, so it’s up to you to make the most out of being that person. From small talk to deep conversations, from playing dress-up and art projects to helping with homework, these ways will increase communication and decrease bullying.

Ways to Extend the Relationship

What are some ideas you can use to extend your relationship with your younger sibling? One way is to go buy a shoe advertisement or create your own yogurt brand. Play your favorite game together and make a video of it if you would like. Offer the older child what they want to their younger sibling – whether it’s ice cream, earbuds, an outfit, etc. Let them work out or help cook with and suggest things that kids may not be thinking about before hand (like taking turns chopping lettuce for salad in the kitchen).
Another tip is to play the games together. Many children will love creative challenges like making a picture from a mouseketchup packet. I have also seen my niece and nephew preferred play time correspond with helping


Big sisters or little sisters teach their little ones many things. It really means a lot to those kids when they get the chance to learn from you while they’re still young. These tips will help your relationships with them be better than ever:
-Be open with your sibling and talk to them about anything you (or they) feel they need to know
-Try helping them make friends with other kids
-Listen to each other and tell each other that you love each other.


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