Mommy Of The Birthday Princess

As a new mom, you’re bound to have some different insecurities than you did before. It can be hard to have enough time for yourself, with everything that goes on with your child and family. But what if there was a way for you to connect better with your little one? This article will give you great advice on how to bond and spend quality time with your daughter.

How to Plan a Birthday Party

Many parents wind up scrambling to come up with a birthday party for their child on the day of. One way to plan ahead is a themed birthday party, such as a Harry Potter party or a Disney princess party. Themed parties can be fun, but they may require extra planning and money. If planning ahead seems overwhelming, consider doing something simple like having your child dress up and sing happy birthday to you at home.

DIY Birthday Gifts

Many adults have a difficult time coming up with unique and interesting birthday presents for their kids. That situation is a whole lot easier for parents of young children; all you need to do is find the inspiration and try to make it happen.

The Secret to an Amazing Cake

One of the most difficult things about celebrating someone’s birthday is finding a way to make the cake look like it was homemade, but still taste delicious. Here are some tips on how to stay within budget and still have your cake and eat it too!
1) Make your own frosting instead of buying it.
2) Bake the cake in a layer of parchment paper.
3) Use brown sugar as your sweetener in frosting.


There are many fun things to do in life and have a little one can be an exciting but overwhelming journey. I’ve found that trying new recipes or even simple decorating ideas can help make the everyday tasks easier. When it comes to kids party planning, I like to use this as an opportunity to play with my daughter’s imagination, which is why I tried out these absolutely adorable Unicorn inspired cupcakes last weekend

Additions to the Party

The party is always a happy occasion for me and my daughter. As we were planning the party, I wanted to add things to do that would keep her engaged throughout the day. We ended up with a total of 6 outside activities that she could choose from that would be implemented before the live show. This helped her stay excited for the show and more importantly, it kept her away from adult beverages for most of the day.

When Can I Have Another Party?

It’s important to have a long party planning process in order to make sure your party will be a fun time for everyone. There’s no need to worry if you’re behind, because it takes time to get ideas and plan everything out. Once you have everything planned out, the next step is setting up the date and time of your party.  This blog is a guide to the best restaurants and parks in Paris that are great for kids.

Princess Birthday Party

Princess Parties are an exciting way to celebrate a child’s birthday! This blog article gives some tips for hosting your own princess party, such as what to prepare on the day of the party, how to introduce your daughter to her friends.

What’s in a birthday party for a princess?

All you need to find out is in your imagination! That’s why I thought it would be fun to do a princess party. The details vary but the most important things are always the same: cake, a dress, and an invite list. I made my own invitation cards from a template and uploaded them on

Decorations for a Princess Party

When planning a princess party for your little princess, start by decorating with pink and purple. Kids love anything that sparkles and glitter can make any party feel like a fairy tale. Add in a few flowers, some butterflies, and candles to really make things magical!

Gift Ideas for a Princess Party

When giving a birthday party for a princess, it is important to give her gifts that she will love. Many times, these are related to her favorite things. Some gift ideas include jewelry and accessories like the ones seen in the collage above.

Planning the Party

Planning a Princess Birthday Party can be challenging because there are a lot of different things to consider. Here are some helpful tips for planning your party.

Where to have your Princess Birthday

To have a birthday party for your princess that is the talk of the town, you need to plan it with the same care and detail that you would a Disney Princess theme party. You should also consider having an ice cream cake adorned with a tiara at the top and some princess themed cupcakes.

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