Lego Super Mario Starter Kit

Lego is one of the most popular toys in the world, and even adults still enjoy playing with them. But not every adult can play with Legos every day because they are so complicated to assemble! That is why a Lego Super Mario Starter Kit was created by Nintendo. The kit includes all the pieces needed to create a replica of Super Mario’s castle, as well as four mini-figures that can be used as game pieces!

What Is The Lego Super Mario Starter Kit?

The Lego Super Mario Starter Kit is a special kit of the most famous video game characters, made to play with the Lego bricks. This kit includes Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Toad. The set includes a booklet that provides step-by-step instructions on how to build all the included toys and save them in case you would like to recreate your own creations.

Build a toy that works with every Nintendo console

The Lego Super Mario Starter Kit is a cool cross-compatible toy that will work with every Nintendo console. It’s an excellent way to get your kid off the couch and playing games! The kit includes 5 new characters from the Super Mario franchise and each comes with their own unique set of buildable pieces, which can be reconfigured into over 44 different 3D models.

Create your own custom Lego figure

This kit is perfect for those who have an idea for a character, but no time to create it. This starter kit includes hundreds of stickers that you can use as well as a tutorial book that walks you through all the steps for creating your own custom Lego.

Create and share online creations

Bring your creativity to life with the Lego Super Mario Starter Kit. This kit includes four customizable minifigures and the character, Mario. Your creations can be shared on any of your social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram!


It was a lot of fun building the Lego set, and playing with it. It is a great toy for any kid who loves these two very popular video game characters.

Super Mario Starterkit

Lego actually did something really unique in the video game market, they started selling games that were made entirely out of Legos. This example of a Lego video game is known as the Super Mario Starterkit! Find out how this dangerous-turned-educational toy became the start of such success.

What is a Lego Starter Kit?

A Lego starter kit is designed to teach kids how to build. It comes with the building tools and a few themed sets, allowing kids to easily start playing without any extra wires or expensive equipment. The boxes typically point out the goal of each set – for example, completing a race car, making an iron man suit, or escorting a princess.

How does a Lego Starter Kit Work?

A Lego Starter Kit is a 60 piece set where each piece starts with a pre-defined shape and number. As the user builds their kits, different pieces will create amazing creations! A Lego Starter Kit is an easy way to get started in building your own creations by simply providing all of the instructions. The kit provides prompts that teach the user how they can build these Lego constructions through a visual guide.
A Lego Starter Kit includes three color guides: blue, red and green, or yellow if you prefer which will show which pieces are compatible with one another. You can mix up what colors you like best or use them sequentially to see different experiments!

Benefits of the Lego Super Mario Starter Kit

When kids first decide to do lego play, they need to start with something different and less-intimidating because it can take awhile before they are ready to build complex Minecraft sets. One option is the Super Mario Starter Kit from the Lego company, featuring a matching costume along with 270 pieces used to build everything from houses and mushrooms to trees.

For Kids and Adults

This kit will teach players how to create a smooth-flowing, beautiful loop. Everyone will be able to play this game once they have the materials and the set moves that come in the starterkit. With movements like side jumps, waves and a wario spin as well as expressive music, players can get a kick out of playing through this starterkit.

A Guide to Handling Your New Mechanical Friend

When you buy a new robot it’s important to handle them with care. The included starter kit makes this easy with the assembly process and explanations of how your robot works. You’ll also find everything you need for getting started including a lithium battery, charging adapter, D-pad, and USB cable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the different characters in all those levels?
– Right next to the mario, you will see a black question mark with a red r. You can use this to back out to ‘Replay’ and select one of your last five completed levels. Then you will see all your characters in their appropriate location.

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