Lego Ninjago season 4 sets

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What are lego ninjago sets?

Lego is a toy that has been around since the 1930s. They have now become a popular source of entertainment for kids, adults, and even people in their 90s. Lego sets are available in almost every theme imaginable–everything from Star Wars to Minecraft.
Lego Ninjago is one particular set that is considered a classic. It takes place after the events of the first three Ninjago movies and follows the story of the ninja team as they try to stop Lord Garmadon from taking over Ninjago City. In addition to the ninjas and Lord Garmadon’s evil minions, there are also several villains from past episodes in this season’s set.

Learning about the sets

The Lego Ninjago Season 4 sets are fascinating to see. The video above is a walkthrough of the set called The Lost City of Ouroboros and includes some cool features that kids will enjoy.

Bigger picture: season 4 release

The series has a decent following and the sets are always being released on years long cycle.

Pros and cons of buying the set

Buying the season 4 sets of lego ninjago is a lot more expensive than buying the individual sets, but it can be fun to have all of them and a cool centerpiece in your room. If you have money to spare and want to buy the season set, think about what type of activities you will use them for.


The new season of lego ninjago starts this month and the set releases are going to be amazing. There are three sets that you need to buy before they sell out.

see lego ninjago season 4 sets

With lego ninjago season 4 set guide, it’ll be easy for children and adults of all ages to get excited about the new season. The series just started on September 24 and has been praised by many movie critics for its long-term production value with regard to special effects and graphics.

How to watch lego ninjago

Want to watch lego ninjago Season 4. If you’re not near your computer, laptop or even tv, we’ve got some suggestions for streaming it online or downloading episodes on your favorite device.

What is lego ninjago

see lego ninjago season 4 sets

How much are lego ninjago

I look in the table and see five sets. Each set consisting of three figures has its own price, altogether 5 different lego ninjago price. Here are the combos that have been published
Legoby Battle (84.99)
Sons of Garmadon (54.99)
Clay Mine Attack (44.99)
Garmadon Ultimate Mech tome Battle- Complete! (9.99)
Gareth Jasper Deluxe Figure (10.99)

Where can I buy lego ninjago

Outside of the US you may have to contact your local Amazon, Lego, or Brick and mortar stores to purchase the sets for a reasonable price.

Concluding thoughts

On the whole, no new sets were added for this year. This may be a setback for those who were unsated with this years mid-line “The Gods” set, but I still think it worth a purchase if your kid is interested in these types of sets. My thoughts on next years line is mainly based off of what little information we’ve got so far!

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