LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709

The LEGO Ninjago Racing Jay and Lloyd 71709 set has just been released, and it looks like fun! This set includes two minifigures of Jay and Lloyd from the Ninja’s fight against the Overlord. Here is a breakdown of the features of this newest action figure set.

Details about: LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709

This set is perfect for fans of the show! It comes with two minifigures and their vehicles, Jay’s dark katana, Lloyd’s golden staff, and a glowing amulet that can make fireballs!

Pros and Cons of the LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709

The LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709 is the latest set of nindroids to celebrate the Ninja Quadra-Builders. This set includes a lot of cool pieces, but it also has some downsides. The pros are that this set consists of a ton of bricks, which means you can create any kind of building you want without having to add extra sets. The downside is that this set does not come with any minifigures, so if you are looking for them, then you’ll need to buy additional ones.

What are the Features of the LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709?

There are many features that make this set unique. The LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709 has a sword, bow and arrow, and other weapons for Jay. There is also a place to put the shirt, which can be removed from the figure. There is a helmet which can also be removed from his head. The set also has two vehicles: the dragon and Jay’s bike.

The Price of the LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709

LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709 was released on September 30, 2017. The set retails for a cost of $39.99 at the time of writing this article.


La compañía LEGO creó la figura del jay y el de Lloyd, personajes que visten ropas ninjas gigantes. Estos personajes están disponibles en varios modelos de figuras, incluyendo mini-figuras. La compañía tiene una serie llamada LEGO Ninjago Jay and Lloyd 71709, que es nueva y comercializada hace poco tiempo

Lloydd 71709

Have you seen the awesome new Lego Jay in Ninjago? Take a closer look at what makes Jay such a go-to figure in desert racing!

Why did lego create a new mini figure?

Arguably, this is the most anticipated product of 2018: Lego’s 71709 mini figure. This model comes loaded with great features and special effects that you can use as an individual or as part of a larger build. It acts as a base for your mini builds but also has printing elements that will help you create or enhance your design. You’ll be amazed by the level of detail in this amazing set!

What is the name of the new mini figure?

The new mini figure is called Lloydd which is actually pronounced “Lockhardt” which also happens to be the name of one of the members of an anime themed group known as Sprocket, who are also mentioned in this blog. This character wears a green outfit and has a pink robot style head with a long nose and big eyes that glow brightly in all colors when he glows in the dark.

Who is the civilian minifigure that comes with the fig and why was he named Jay?

The minifigure who comes with the fig and is named Jay is a civilian involved in the story that discovers a satellite falling from space.

A character profile for Lloydd 71709 and his Lego Ninjago Racing Jay from LEGO ninjago warriors/racers video

Lloydd is an Intelligent Minifigure with a dark side, he loves building things out of Lego and hates when they set off in to the wrong hands.


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