Lego Ideas for Girls 10 Yrs Old

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for your 10-year-old daughter, consider Legos! There are many Lego sets specially designed for girls that will appeal to her interests and skill level. Find out the best Lego sets for girls in this article.

Ideas for Lego Toys for 10 Year Old Girls

Lego sets are a great toy for all kids, but they are especially good for girls who are 10 years old. These sets offer different stories to play out with your little princesses. They allow the imagination to run wild and encourage creativity, which is something that girls love.

Types of Legos

Legos come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. From zombies to princesses, the Lego Collection has something for your child. For girls who want to enjoy their playtime with friends, there are sets that include two different characters – one male and one female – so they can share the fun.

Why Legos are Great for All Ages

Legos are a childhood toy that never goes out of style and is universally loved. This timeless toy is great for children and adults because it encourages creative, imaginative play and it also builds critical thinking skills. Legos also help to develop math, science, engineering, and computer science skills. Parents can even use Legos to teach their kids useful skills such as pattern recognition and problem solving.

How to Choose the Right Lego Set

When selecting a Lego set, you want to make sure it’s age-appropriate for your child. The best way to do this is to figure out the total of the pieces and then divide by the number of pages. If you get a number that’s more than 7 and has a decimal point, it’s not an appropriate toy for children aged 10 years old.

Tips and Tricks for Buying Lego Sets

The best time to buy Lego sets is often when they are on sale. Look for deals in the stores or online.
Lego sets with smaller pieces are also more difficult to put together, so look for them in the store to see which you prefer.
I have had my daughters playing with legos since they were 4 yrs old. We have set up a lego area in the living room, with shelves above and below for their projects.


It is important to empower girls with the right tools and materials to explore and create. Legos for Girls is a great way to provide them with an empowering toy that will allow them to pursue their passions.

The Best Lego Sets for 10 Year Old Girls

What’s the best way to surprise a 10 year old girl? Consider a Lego set! A toy that allows her to explore creativity and use her imagination, helps her develop essential skills for math, as well as problem-solving and technical abilities. Furthermore, it’ll unleash her interest in engineering and design so she might be interested in pursuing those fields as an adult!

What is the Best Lego Set for Girls Ten Years Old?

A safe bet would be something like Lego Friends Heartlake Riding Club, at only $11.99. It has more than 24 pieces and includes a grooming station, animal stable, putt-putt golf course, and a cafĂ©. If she is shy, she will also enjoy building the Emmas Townhouse or Emma’s Design School with her friends and styling and selling clothes at the fashion runway.

For your little girl, why not get her a fabulous collection of LEGO Friends sets?

LEGO Friends sets are designed to be fun and engaging for girls aged between 5 and 12 years old. The fact that they are made with LEGO bricks is enough to fascinate many young girls, but the thoughtfully-designed figures create an added-value effect. These sets represent females doing things like cooking, caring for animals, attending parties, and solving mysteries, giving your 10-year-old girl encouragement that she can do these things herself.

What are the pros and cons to being 10 years old?

Ten is that weird in-between stage. Not an adult but too old to play like one. Ten year olds are getting into the world of friendships, cliques, and school drama. They’re in the process of learning how to manage these things so they don’t become people pleasers in elementary school. Some of them are starting to move on to more complicated toys, too, like dress-up sets, art sets, or more complicated games with different levels you can set up.

Lego City has different sets with an airport, police station or ambulance with included medical items that allow you to help save people.

This collection of items is perfect for those who love building and crafting as much as they love playing games. Children from ages 4 to 99 will enjoy the wide variety of sets, as these offer a challenge for all skill levels. The best part is that Lego products encourage children to explore their creativity and imagination as they build intricate structures.

There are also Star Wars Lego minifigure.

There are also Lego sets based on the latest movies-which are always a good thing for kids. A current favorite is the Lego Friends Advent Calendar, which includes buildable dollhouse scenes on every day of December.

These are just three examples but in reality there is

Lego has been a part of many children’s lives for many generations. In fact, according to Lego themselves an estimated half a billion people have played with the colorful plastic bricks. So it comes as no surprise that children from ages 10 and up love to build with Lego because it is a creative outlet and a safe activity to do on their own or with friends.


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