Lego Friends Tree House

What is a tree house, exactly? It’s a type of structure built on the ground with a high entrance and two or three sets of stairs leading up to it. This article from Build Your Own explains the basic parts that go into making one. The Lego Friends Tree House is a great example because it’s so easy for children to construct and for adults to assembly.

What is the Lego Friends Tree House?

The Lego Friends Tree House is a new set released in 2014, which features a tree that can be customized to create different looks. The set includes a tree house, two characters, and one extra hand.


The Lego Friends Tree House lets the girls build a tree house with their friends. The girls are able to participate in different activities in the tree house that teach them different skills and lessons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lego Friends Treehouse

Lego Friends has tree houses that can be built in different sizes and shapes, but each one is different. There are some advantages to the Lego Friends Treehouse, such as being able to build it for free and not having to worry about folding and unfolding pieces if someone wants to play with it. However, there are also disadvantages because of the small size.

Pros and Cons of playing with Legos

It’s fun to play with Legos! They are a creative and adventurous toy that kids can build and create their own universe. The Lego Friends Tree House is a great set for aspiring builders of all ages, which has many features that make it fun to play with and easy to manage. There are also some downsides to playing with Legos, but they should not prevent you from enjoying the experience as much as possible.


The Lego Friends Tree House is the ultimate build for the youngest builders. With the tree house, kids can have a fun time playing with their friends and family on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The best part? It comes with a grand view of what’s going on in the natural world!

LEGO Friends Tree House Review

Building a LEGO set like the Tree House is challenging enough, but what about building it? That’s where the LEGO Friends series of sets comes in. This particular set includes everything you need to build your design – from unique pieces which give extra flexibility for different room designs, to easy-to-build houses that are as durable as they are fun. Let’s take a closer look at what this set has to offer!

What is the LEGO Friends Tree House?

The LEGO Friends Tree House set is 775 pieces and retails for $69.99. There is a variety of activities inside the tree house, such as using the swinging branch to send Alison to another room!

When will it be available?

There are no official release dates for the Tree House, likely because it’s a retail exclusive set and Disney doesn’t announce anything like that until the day before. I’ve been following the rumors and so far they indicate that Tree House will be available in October.

Benefits of My LEGO Friends Tree House

This set includes both a beautiful treehouse and the LEGO Friends woodland animals like Teddy, Elsa, AJ y Joey.
The LEGO Friends tree house goes together nicely with no problems at all. The instructions are simple to follow and fairly accurate. It only takes one person 3-4 hours to assemble it with no difficulty other than a few small parts missing.
The quality of this set is also fantastic! It comes with high-quality materials and construction pieces so it can last for years to come

How Much is a LEGO Friends Tree House?

Learning with LEGO Friends Tree House is an education like no other! This set includes 3 stories which are a little bit dense and much easier to read in preschool reading materials. These activities are a great way for your kids to learn about building new things, sorting, inventing, ergonomics, etc.
1×4 2-story
1490 pieces


As always, when it comes to LEGO Friends they really strive to make their sets as interactive as possible. The Tree House is no exception with its design and the many features of the house that are truly captivating.


Overall, this set is a wonderful addition to the LEGO Friends line. It has amazing detail along with loads of play potential. The price for the number of pieces included in this set is also very comparable when comparing it to other Lego sets. If you’re looking for something new to build and put up so your friends can come over then this is the perfect option!

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