Lego Friends 7-12

The Lego Friends line is new, fun and has a diverse cast of characters. It’s been released for a little over a year now, but the articulation of this line is still evolving. In an effort to get the most out of this line, it’s important that you consider what the community wants.

What’s new in Lego Friends 7-12

Lego Friends 7-12 is a doll line created by Lego, based on the Lego Friends theme that was released in 2013. Lego Friends is the first fully licensed series of dolls featuring not just girls but also boys. The models are sold in a variety of sizes and body types, with the tallest being 14 inches. The “Friendship” theme includes three different play sets: “Heartlake City”, “Garden Shed”, and “Park”.

Who is the target audience?

This product is targeted at the target audience of girls ages 7-12. Those who purchase this product will be able to build unique creations collaboratively, learn new skills from each other, and play with friends and family members.

Getting started with Lego Friends 7-12

With Lego Friends, girls can build and create their own stories with friends. There are all kinds of different sets that come with friends to help you along the way. This is a great set for anyone who is just getting into micro-building, or for families looking for a creative activity together.

Recommended themes

This is a new and exciting theme that will appeal to Lego Friends fans. It includes all of the dolls, sets, and accessories that are already very popular in the market and has been well received. The themes include: Friendship Day, Berry Bitty City, Beach Bash, and more.

Instructions for building with pieces

The instructions below will walk you through how to build the bedroom. You’ll need a total of five pieces to make the bedroom, and some bricks come in various colors.

Fun activities using LEGO Friends 7

In this book, readers will find fun activities that use the LEGO Friends 7 to have a variety of different adventures. There are also tips on how to build and customize your own LEGO Friends.


Lego Friends 7-12 is a great kit that anyone can build. Not only does it feature four Lego Friends sets, but also two DC Super Hero Girls sets, one LEGO City set, and also comes with a building and storage bag.

lego friends 7-12

It’s not difficult to fall in love with Lego Friends! These beloved sets are a perfect blend of fun, creativity and color for days of even more outdoor family play. Whether your little one is enjoying her latest Milly set in the garden or comforting herself at the end of a long school day with a Brick Stack toss game, she’ll discover so many amazing ways to spend time with these original Friends.

A Brief History of Lego Friends

Lego Friends is a TV series that includes sets with female characters. In September of 2018, the sets were pulled off the market due to sexual harassment complaints and fears over young children buying the sets. The show’s return has been heavily criticized by some people because Lego Friends doesn’t coincide with traditional gender roles, and is aimed at girls too.

How has the Lego Friends line been received so far?

The Lego Friends line has been met with much criticism since its start in Feb of 2014. It has not been welcomed into the market, many calling it bad for children and a waste of money. It first started with the release of Ana’s Starlight Adventure which went on to release a full line-up of Lego Friends sets. There was also controversy surrounding the sets because some say that Legos are only for boys, but it is becoming clear that this line will be here to stay.

What is a girl’s best friend other than her mom?

A girl’s best friend is usually a girl, but some might say that an extra special friend is seven-inch big fluffy pink stuffed animal from the toy store. But what would your best friend be if he or she could speak to you? One of these LEGO Friends – 7-12 can talk with you every day for a long time without getting annoying.

Other than becoming friends, what are some other phrases and terms that Lego Friends characters might use in common?

Other than becoming friends, there are other phrases and terms that Lego Friends characters might use in common. These phrases include: We’re your best toy ever, doing some sketching and having a blast, and being awesome.

Should you buy a new set related to the latest iteration of The Lego Friends series?

The Lego Friends series has been enormously popular since its inception. It is a fantastic set for introducing girls to the world of huge, plastic toy bricks. The last couple of years have seen some new additions and enhancements to the line-up though. Does this mean that you should now avoid buying the older sets because they don’t match up?
No, they are still great choices! The Lego Friends seven-eleven sets can be found at affordable prices on eBay and Amazon right now, which means that if you like Lego Friends but aren’t keen on shelling out a lot, these will be good options for you.


This article explained that kids aged 7-12 can build their own vehicles, people, and models with lego friends sets. Toys and games then became object lessons for math, science, engineering and art. They can learn connections while they play – they may even do something like building tracks to connect their toys!

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