Lego Duplo for Girls

Today, you can find LEGO for girls in different colors and sizes. For young children, the size of the blocks are more appropriate. However, even if they are small, girls can still build contraptions that are fun to look at and play with by using their creativity. This article discusses the various types of LEGO for girls so you know what to buy.

Lego Duplo for Girls

Lego Duplo for Girls Lego Duplo bricks are two times the size of classic Lego bricks, making them easier for small fingers to build with. The set has 17 baseplates, 2 people, tree, house, cat, dog, flowers and nine different coloured blocks.

What is Lego Duplo?

Lego Duplo is a toy brand created by Lego. It deals in the construction of building blocks and toy figures for little children. The blocks are bigger than regular Lego pieces which make them easier for small children to use.

Why Buy Lego Duplo for Your Little Girl?

Lego Duplo is a wonderful toy for little girls and boys alike. It provides a great introduction to the world of Lego and they can create their own building projects with it. The bricks are large and easy for small hands to handle.

Benefits of Lego Duplo

Lego Duplo bricks are designed for little hands to form bigger, more detailed creations that are more suitable for children in this age range. The largest piece in the Lego Duplo line is 6x6x6 cm, which is significantly smaller than the 6x9x9 cm brick size used in classic Lego sets. The LEGO Group has always been inclusive of girls and their need for colorful toys with female figurines, so they’ve introduced a new girl-focused product line with puzzles, games, scenes and figurines that have all been tested by girls who helped design them.

How To Make Lego Booster Packs

Lego stocks a wide range of Lego sets, but there is still demand for an even wider variety. The Duplo line for young children is one such product, but they don’t make booster packs for this line. Fortunately, you can make your own!

Alternatives to Legos

Girls and brick-building toys may seem like an unrelated but recent trend, but in fact it goes back for centuries. In the late 1800s, German company Marklin released a line of building bricks called “Pfennig Bricks,” with their most famous product being a miniature church. The idea was that children could use these building blocks to create elaborate designs with relative ease–in contrast to traditional wooden blocks.


Lego has created a product specifically for girls. The toy has been designed with a different shape, color palette, and packaging to make it appealing to young girls. Lego is taking the necessary steps to improve their product for this specific audience.

How to find Lego Duplo for a girl your child

Many kids are big Lego fans, which is why finding something that you can give for a birthday or holiday celebration is important. Finding the right type of Lego for your child is hard, but with this article, it will be easier to find Duplo Legos for girls! There are plenty of color variances and they’re always available in stores.

How do I find Lego Duplo for a girl

Many think it is hard to find Lego Duplo for girls because there are less options. Stores, catalogs or even websites that sell toys usually group boys and girls together on the shelves. The only way to be sure that you are viewing all of the items is to visit a store first on their website.

Childhood blocks and Lego sets on offer

As a father it can be tough to find Lego Duplo for a girl to give as a birthday present. The subject of children’s toys can generate all sorts of opinions from different genders so it is important to have a good overview. The first place to check would be supermarkets because the big stores typically carry Lego Duplo and other toy brands. If you want to be certain that you are buying a female-orientated product then the best option would be Toys R Us or Target, as they typically carry both types of toys.

Lego Duplo Friends on offer

Lego has been aware for a long time that the need for toys has been changing from generation to generation. In an effort to make a broader range of products, Lego tried a number of different things over the years. One of these was Duplo Friends – a line of construction toys aimed at preschoolers, but with red carpets and mini hands.

What makes Duplo for girls different?

The situation has changed over the years. Today, girls have more possibilities when it comes to buying construction toys. They are not limited to the usual bricks, but they can find available products in several shapes and colors for their needs. Duplo offers girls construction fun with characters, plenty of pink pieces, and also Pinklettes which are die-cast metal minifigure.

Health Issues

When you are shopping for your children, it is important to educate them about why you are choosing specific toys. If they pick up Lego Duplo and find out that there is not a girl equivalent like Lego Friends, tell them that the company believes that boys build better than girls. Make sure to teach your child that sometimes adults can be wrong about their opinions.


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