Introducing the New Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target

Get ready for the most amazing unicorn adventure with this new Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target! The soft, padded backside makes it easy for your baby to bounce and spin their way through fun in their very own target.

What is the Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target?

Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target is the new addition to Fisher-Price’s award-winning toy portfolio. The target features a spinnable horn to increase the amount of fun. This unicorn target is designed for active play by children ages 3 years old and up. It also encourages creative play with its simple dot-topping system allowing kids to create their own games.

What age is this toy recommended for?

You can use this toy to help with physical therapy for a child who has difficulty jumping.

How much does it cost?

The Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn is available for $29.99.

How to set up the toy

The toy is easy to set up. You should use the AA batteries that are included and do not need to be removed from the toy before you start playing with it. The target can bounce and spin on its own, but it is best for children to bounce, spin, and throw it themselves so that they can better enjoy the playtime.

Is this toy interactive?

Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target is interactive. The toy is perfect for playing on your lap or in the crib. It encourages active play through it’s sounds and action. This toy also has two-way talk, encouraging kids to talk to their toys and even sing along.

Why should I buy it?

The Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target is a toy that is not just fun, but also educational. The target is designed to bounce up and down and spin on its head when an arrow attached to the target is released. It encourages kids to develop eye-hand coordination, which helps them in the long term for school or other activities. This toy promotes active play and makes it easier for children to learn new skills.

Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target Found on UK Amazon

Fisher Price’s latest product has just arrived, and it’s going to give your kids hours of fun! This unicorn target is one of the newest designs from Thomas and friends, giving kids hours of fun. Little hands will be full of sparkle and magic as they throw balls at this playground for fairies and unicorns.

Why the Unicorn Target by fisher price is a best seller for babies

This product has been very popular because of the innovative arm feature and bouncy movement in the “horns” that is both entertaining and calming. With multiple colors and style to choose from including pastel pink, light purple, and green, this target toy makes a fantastic gift for both newborns and toddlers alike! This item can also be found on Amazon UK at bargain prices so another great reason not to hesitate purchasing this item.

An Overview of the Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target

The Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target is a common item to find under $20 on Amazon. This toy is designed for children ages 18 months to four years and is battery operated. The target bounces and spins while music plays, making it fun for parents or children.

Our Verdict: Truly Unique, Great Quality, Fun

I have had a lot of toys in my 30 years and these are definitely among the ones that I liked at all. I could gauge the bouncy experience from the first bounce but still was pleasantly surprised by the toy and how much it kept my child entertained.

What to look for in a baby product you purchase online from abroad

It is important that you purchase baby products like toys and clothing on a reputable site. Toys are more susceptible to defects than clothes, which could lead to a problem not covered in their warranty. Another thing to look for when searching for baby products are reviews and testimonials.

How to figure out if the company has any reps on Amazon UK

If a company’s reps on Amazon UK are less than 1, they claim they don’t have any reps here. If they’re between 1 and 4, they have one rep in the United Kingdom but not Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. If they’re 5 or more and you see the “Fun” icon on’s search results page, then there is a possibility that an associate product manager with access to stock in the UK could get your order for you without too much trouble.

Final Thoughts on the Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target

When I picked up the Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Unicorn Target from its box that was tucked in my package on my doorstep, I felt like a kid again. The label says, “Recommended for Ages 3 Years and Up,” but I know kids who are older than us would enjoy it too.


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