How to build a rabbit cage

Rabbits are cute and cuddly, but they can also be a lot of work. You’ll need to make sure your rabbit cage is large enough to accommodate them, you’ll want to make sure the floor of the cage is sturdy, and you’ll need for it to have plenty of ventilation. In this article, I’ve broken down all the key features of developing a rabbit-friendly home for your pet.

What is a Rabbit Cage?

A rabbit cage is a large, elevated hutch designed to allow rabbits access to the outside. They are typically home made and made out of wood or wire with a roof and flooring. Because rabbits are highly active animals, a cage needs to be large enough for them to play in.

Why Build a Rabbit Cage?

When you think about building a rabbit cage, you probably imagine a small pen that can’t hold your pet. You may not have considered the fact that you could use a much larger area yet still hold your pet. For example, many people like to build their cages in the corner of their garage. This way, they are still close enough to care for their pet but far enough away that they don’t have to worry about them escaping.

Where to Buy a Rabbit Cage?

If you’re planning on getting a pet rabbit, you’ll need to buy a cage for it. There are many different types of cages available. You can either buy an old wooden crate or one that is made out of metal. They also come in different sizes, so make sure you know your pet’s needs before buying a cage.

Materials to Make a Rabbit Cage

Building a rabbit cage is an easy project that can give you hours of enjoyment and make your pet happier. You will need a few basic materials to make a proper size cage. These include:

Building the Base of the Cage

First, you will need a large rectangular piece of wood. The frame can be whatever size and shape you prefer, but I recommend a frame that is 9 inches wide and 17 inches tall with a 4-inch-wide opening in the middle. Use four screws to assemble the frame together. Next, measure 13 inches from the bottom of the cage and place the wire on either side of it. Attach these wires to a small piece of wood or metal that will serve as the door for your cage.

How to Build Cages on Legs

Build the legs first which will become the supports for your cage. It’s important to have four legs because this ensures that you have enough strength to support the weight of the cage. Connecting a single leg to a vertical post with a pipe will give you a nice tall, sturdy base from which your rabbit cage can be built.

Locating the Wire and Attaching it to the Base

Rabbits are very intelligent animals, and can outsmart many people. They will find a way to escape, if given the opportunity. However, you can prevent this by providing them with their own personal habitat in a secure location. To do so, first determine where you want their cage to be located in the house so that it is easy to get to. Second, take two pieces of wire and attach one piece of wire to the top of the cage, on one side. Then take the second piece of wire and attach it to the base of the cage on another side.

What Stands Should be Used with Your Cage?

There are many different types of rabbit cages on the market, but there is a few things to keep in mind when choosing your cage. The height of the top of the cage should be at least three times the length and width of your rabbit – this will provide enough head room for you and your furry friend. If you’re not sure if your cage is tall enough, put a broomstick in it to see how high it reaches. The bars should be made of hard wires or mesh because rabbits can easily chew through wood or plastic.

Attaching Legs and adding wire supports

The first thing that you should do when building your rabbit cage is attach the legs. You will need a long enough length of wire so that it can wrap around the legs and bind them together. Then you will want to add wire supports to help make sure that the cage will hold up while in use.

rabbit cage 120 cm

Looking for the perfect cage to introduce your rabbit? You might want to know what size cage you need!

What Is A Rabbit Cage For?

This type of cage is great for keeping your rabbit as a pet because it gives him a lot of space and it’s also easier to clean up for accidents than a hamster cage.

What You Need To Know About Your Rabbit Cage

This rabbit cage size is important to ensure that the pet is safe and comfortable. Some people forget that there are already mice and other small animals living in the homestead or building where they reside. Place your bunny in a cage that is long enough to stretch out.

Purchasing A Dog Crate

If you are looking for a crate, there are many different types of dog cages on the market. A lot of people opt for wire cages as they provide your pet with ventilation and an easy way to see what’s going on inside the cage. Some brands of wire crates include Midwest and Westrex which are considered higher-end products. Wire crates may also be harder to access when in a certain position due to the side openings or gaps found in between panels. These models tend to cost more than other choices but some customers report that they offer great quality. If you want to try out building your own wire trap, there are tutorials online that can help you do this inexpensively. For smaller pets, such as rabbits, not everyone needs all those extravagant

Cages That rabbits Should Avoid

These are great cages for older rabbits. It is a wire cage that is large enough for two older rabbits and rabbit pellets perfect for them to eat. This is a very beginner friendly cage if you want to get your first bunny as soon as possible and the cost works out to be less than $15.

Cages That Rabbits Can’t Live In

While it doesn’t take a genius to know that somebody wearing bunny ears and long white gloves isn’t a real rabbit, the wire-caged hood is not just an eyecatcher.

Final Tips For Buying a Rabbit Cage

In this article, we are going to go over the definitive list of things you will want to pay attention to while shopping for a rabbit cage. Buying a rabbit cage can be quite challenging, but it is not impossible. Here at PetSmart, we have an entire solution for you and your companion animals including food dishes


Many cages are too small for rabbits, causing serious health and safety issues. The rabbit cage on the market with a wire space of 120 сm is a good size for bunnies who need somewhere to live.

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