How Much Does a 4 Month Old Baby Sleep

It’s been a common question among parents – how much does a 4 month old baby sleep? Asking this question is something we’ve all done at one point or another. This article answers that very question by breaking down the average amount of sleep 4 month old babies get per day, what happens if they don’t get enough sleep and the corresponding symptoms, and the sleeping habits of other age groups up to 12 years old.

What Kinds of Sleep Do Babies Have?

Babies are naturally sleep deprived. They wake up more often to feed, play, and socialize. If you’re raising a baby, it’s important to know what kinds of sleep they do have in order to create the right sleeping environment for them. Newborns typically sleep 12 hours a day and then take one nap during the day. It is recommended that babies be put down awake after 3 months old as they start to develop their ability to stay asleep on their own.

How Does a 4 Month Old Baby Sleep

A 4 month old baby sleeps a total of sixteen hours every day. That is six and one-half hours in the morning and eight and one-half hours at night. The average age of when they sleep through the night is between 6 to 8 months old.

How Long Do Babies Sleep Each Day?

A baby may sleep between 12-16 hours a day. The more often they sleep, the easier it is for them to learn new things and stop crying from hunger. Babies usually go to sleep around 6pm and wake up around 7:30am.

Should You Be Worried About Your Baby’s Sleep?

A 4 month old should be sleeping 12 hours a day, but most of the time, they sleep six to nine hours. While this is on the lower end of what is recommended, it’s not cause for hasty concern.

Improving Your Baby’s Sleep Quality

When babies are first born, they will sleep for 16-18 hours every day. As they get older, that number starts to decrease. A 4-month old baby should be sleeping for about 14 hours a day. This is 2 hours less than a year old baby.


Babies typically sleep around 14-18 hours a day, which is more than the adult average of 7 hours and 8 minutes.

How Much Sleep Does a 4-Month Old Baby Typically Need?

Pregnancy leads to many changes in a woman’s body. Her mood may be up and down, her pregnancy might come with at the expense of all she eats and must monitor how much she drinks, and how much air gets into her lungs. But all these external changes lead to another one, a 4-month baby that needs different levels of sleep than his mother. Learn more about how much sleep newborns really need in this blog article!

What is sleep?

Sleep can typically be broken into two time frames: REM/non-REM or NREM. The former is considered the most important, lasting approximately one fourth of your total sleep needs. During this time, you lose your muscle tone and control of your limbs; things like breathing, body temperature, and heart rate decrease; and even the brain is turned off for a moment. The latter may not do as much for these bodies to keep the body young and healthy over the long-term.

What is the typical sleep of 4 month old babies?

Newborns usually sleep up to 16 hours per day. There are no known patterns within a 4 month old baby sleeping schedule so there is no setting the amount of hours that they need in order to sleep. Some 4 month olds will sleep 12-14 hours a day while other toddlers around this age may survive on only 8 hours of night-time sleep which means they will not pass out during the day and possibly impeding their mental development.

Using your medical record as a starting point

As parents-to-be, you’re readying your baby for the arrival of their first birthday. You want them to be healthy and happy and kicking, but there are a lot of facts about how much sleep a 4-month old typically needs that you might not know yet. For example, approximately every three hours is about how often your little bundle will urinate in any given 24 hour period.

Using the internet to research

There are multiple answers to the question of how much sleep an infant needs, but most agree that infants should get eight hours a day. The average 4-month old baby typically sleeps 12 hours per day.

How much a 4 month old baby typically needs to sleep

The average 4 month old needs 9-18 hours of sleep a day. Some babies, such as those suffering from an illness or those with food sensitivities, may need closer to 18 hours a day. One should consult their doctor and pediatrician before making any changes to a baby’s sleeping patterns and eating habits.


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