Games for 9 Year Old Girls

It’s amazing what games can do for a nine year old girl, and many adults as well. Games are not only fun for kids to play, but also provide adults with an opportunity to have some quality time with their children. Here is a list of a few games for girls that might be on your daughter’s wishlist this year!

How to make games for 9 year old girls

Games for 9 year old girls are especially hard to find. There is not a lot of variety in the games that are currently available. One way to make your own games would be to use a game creation program like Scratch or Blockly.

What are the types of games we can play together?

Games are a fun way to bond with your primary loved one, and they are also a great way to improve language skills. They can both be educational and leisurely activities as well.

Games that are easy to learn

Games for 9 year old girls can be as complex and difficult as you want. Games that are easy to learn but still challenging for older girls are games like solitaire and puzzle games. When teaching a game, it’s important to teach about the person dressed in pajamas on the box who’s trying to do something real with the game (in this case, find a way out of the house).

‘Game hours’ on iPads and iPhones

It is common for children to play video games on their phones or iPads. With the advent of electronic devices that can be used for gaming, parents are having a hard time telling when to limit the game hours. This is because children often set limits themselves and find other things to do with their extra time. When it comes to the iPad, parents need to impose some rules that will help them regulate game hours. For instance, they might ask their child not to use more than one hour a day in certain apps like 100% Fruit Blast or Candy Crush Saga.

Alternate games that you might want to try

The list below is just a few ideas of games that might inspire your girls to play on the playground. These games are great for all the different levels of play, so make sure you try them out!

Fun games for 9 year old girls

The benefits of playing engaging games for this age group can be significant including better concentration and hand-eye coordination, social growth, and cognitive skills such as learning and problem solving.

9 year old girl games

Many girls are frustrated with just having to deal with school and their social life. If your daughter feels the same, then you can give her a break and introduce her to fun games that will make any 9 year old girl laugh out loud. Games like Bottle Flip (free) or Apple Bombs are great tools to have when you want your daughter to come up with ways to rest while still getting something positive out of the day.

Tips for 9 year old girls

In order to be a success at playing video games, 9 year old girls should learn the appropriate gaming etiquette while competing with other players. For example, they can start their own friendly competition or some group competitions

Games with characters that are accurate representations of girls

Boys tend to run down a list of gender stereotypes with heroes that are just like themselves – powerful, tough, and droplet-inspiring. The best games on the market are those that normalize girls while they enjoy playing them. Games such as Heroki and the Princesses expect journey players over nine to 12 years old; these games bring stronger role models for girls, such as strong female protagonists.

Games to build relationship, participation and empowerment

These games are a good way to get your daughter involved in activities they enjoy while also building relational bonds and helping teach them some important life skills.

Benefits of games for girls

Girls are naturally better at taking instructions and following through, which is why most games designed for girls have come in handy. Most girls games use a checklist of “jobs” they have to complete such as staying good friends, keeping you fit, or practicing a skill.
Game-themed games can also help girls learn new skills or handle stress. If a child has a hard time studying or
going to bed because she’s too scared of the dark, then playing Zombie Cowgirl on her iPad can keep her calm while conquering any fears. Some fun activities that may pique your daughter’s interest could include wearing goofy costumes and playing dress up with stuffed animals, learning the words to songs together, and reading together from bedtime books that inspire


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