Fun Educational Games for 6 Year Olds

All parents know that their 6-year-old can be a handful to keep entertained – especially when it comes to educational games! In this blog article, discover some of the best educational games for your 6 year old. These games are also fun and engaging for your child, so you won’t have to worry about them getting bored.

What is an educational game?

An educational game is a multiplayer video game that introduces players to concepts, stories, or other important information. They can be designed for younger kids or older ones and are often played as a family.

What are some fun educational games for six year olds available online?

According to the National Science Teachers Association, children today are growing up in a world that is full of technology. With this comes the increase of technology addiction among kids. As a result, many educational games have been created to help teach children how to navigate through the use of technology while also learning.

How can parents help their kids learn from computer games?

One of the best ways to improve learning is to find games that are both fun and educational. One game that can be played at home is “Fantastic Fractions.” This game is designed for children aged 6-8 who will have a blast playing it with their parents and family members.


So far, my kids love these games. Not only will they play for hours, but they’ll start to learn about the things that are happening in real life.

5 Educational Games For 6 Year Olds

Throughout our lives, we have all been told that playing games can help children learn more intensely. Different games are excellent at teaching different skills and keeping students excited about learning. When children discover a game that they love, they’re motivated to do their best and be better than themselves. The following 5 game for 6 year olds provide high-quality interactive learning experiences for direct application in the classroom.

Games for 6 Year Olds

Video games are a fun way for students to do many things, from improving skills to learning new languages. It’s also a great resource for parents, who want to make sure their kids get the best resources for their age group. The following educational games can be used to teach students important themes, such as staying hydrated during sport.

World Languages

6-year-old students are often encouraged to learn a foreign language, yet too many of them never get around to it. What could be the reason for this? A number of factors may lead these children to forgo learning another language. One of the most common reasons is that the children do not find the time in their schedule. These educational games will help parents not only bring a foreign language into their homes but also ensure that their children will have enough time to take on other projects as well.

Chemistry Explorations

There are numerous educational games that a 6 year old can play with his or her parents. If the goal is to increase your child’s knowledge about science and technology, the most important game for you to play with them would be Chemistry Explorations. It has 120 different experiments that teach kids 10 different concepts in chemistry. The other two games that education experts recommend playing with a 6 year old are Animal Encounters and Amazing Life of Plants

Art and Design

With learning being a part of our daily lives, it is difficult for 6 year olds to find ways to learn. Dressing up in costumes has always been fun for them and it never stops! These educational games will work with your child’s imagination, teaching them all about shapes, colors, numbers and more without even realizing it!

Games for Older Kids

There are many games geared towards 6 year old children; however, many actually take a back seat to educational games. These educational games involve asking auxiliary questions and offering strategies for success leading to higher retention rates from children who are just beginning development.


Conclusion: Busy parents look for educational games to keep their kids busy. Teaching skills is important, but so are teaching the kids how to play by themselves and watch TV for fun.

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