DIY Dollhouse with Elevator

This article was written to help you get started on your very own DIY dollhouse project. Whether you want to create a gift for someone else, use it as an ornament in your living room or even use it as a guest bedroom, you will find this tutorial well worth the read.

What is a DIY Dollhouse for?

A DIY Dollhouse can be used as a simple craft project to make a memorable gift for someone special. It can also be used for children’s play and for teaching about natural resources and sustainability. A DIY Dollhouse is a great way to encourage creativity and teach kids about the environment.

Where to start making my own dollhouse

This is a toy I made myself and they turned out great. They are 8x8x8 and it has an elevator, stairs, and two level. There are three chairs, two beds, a sink with lights over it and a refrigerator that fits on the outside of the dollhouse.

Why build a DIY Dollhouse with Elevator

Dollhouses are a popular item for children, but their size makes it difficult for younger children to build. A DIY dollhouse with an elevator makes building easy and fun. It has many features that make it both safer and more interactive. The stairs are built into the elevator platform, making this dollhouse safe for little ones. It also includes a second story that allows bigger kids to join in on the fun!

Drilling holes

Drilling holes in your own house is a great way to save money on your project. However, it can also be a little tricky. If you’re drilling many holes, you will need to drill them close together and make sure that each hole is lined up properly with the next. You can even use the same measurement device for all of your measurements so that everything lines up nicely and consistently.

How to build the stairs and platform

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about building a dollhouse is to make it an elevator. This project makes it easy to add a small elevator that can be used as a stairwell or platform.

How to paint the walls and ceilings

Painting the walls and ceilings of a dollhouse can be difficult. To help, there are plenty of tutorials online for this step in the DIY Dollhouse with Elevator project.

How to create the elevator cabin

The earliest model of the dollhouse had a layout with 12 rooms, but now you can buy 3D printers that let you create models with any number of rooms. Start with your design plan and make sure that you can see the planned room layout from all angles using a grid for reference. Decide where to put lights, stairs, and windows before beginning construction. You’ll want your elevators to be at the bottom of one or more floors so that it takes an elevator ride to ascend or descend through them.

Adding details

Adding details to your dollhouse is the best way to make it look like a real home. It’s easy to add details with some supplies from around the house and online retailers. Additionally, you can paint, stencil, use stickers, or draw on surfaces with your own two hands!

Flying a paper plane into the elevator cabin

Paper airplanes are a fun way to play with your friends, but some people might want to take the fun a step further and fly a paper airplane into their own building. This may sound like it would be difficult, but it isn’t very hard once you know how.

Building the dollhouse inside the elevator cabin

I love elevators. They are the perfect place to visit with my kids and pretend that we’re traveling somewhere different. I could build a dollhouse in the elevator, but I wanted it big enough that they could really play with it – not just sit on top of it!

Finishing touches

At the end of the day, a dollhouse needs to be finished with its own elevator. This will make it easier for guests to access all parts of the house. The following are steps that you can take in order to finish your dollhouse according to your liking:
1. Write the numbers on each step so you know where it is located in relation to another step.
2. Find out how many feet long each side of the staircase is by measuring from one end and dividing by two.
3. Paint squares on each step so that you know when to stop measuring.
4. Use wire hanger as a guideline for painting the steps black or white depending on which color you want them to be.


This is a project to build a dollhouse and make an elevator with children.

Building Your Own Dollhouse

Building your own dollhouse might seem fun, but it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. With some help from this article, you’ll know all of the crafting steps involved and see multiple examples so that you can make your very own construction on without getting bored!

Crafting a Dollhouse

For most crafters, whether you’re a crafter for gifts or for entertainment, your goal is to put together something unique and amazing that everyone will admire. But sometimes finding the time or budget can be problematic. If you have enough confidence in your skills, though, consider setting up your own personal work-in-progress on a piece of art.

Making the Finances

If you have ever wanted to have a dollhouse, it can seem like an expensive enterprise. If you want to make your own, spending less than 10 hours on it and costing under $100, then the process of making your own dollhouse might be worth it.

More Woodworking Considerations

All woodworking projects present a certain number of specific considerations. The finishes, tools and skills required depend on the project but among those include wood properties, appearance, cost, and the desired functions of the finished project. Before beginning any woodworking project, ask yourself “does this project help me accomplish my goals?” This is also an excellent question to ask potential contractors.

Planning a Heat Source

The first thing to do is think about where you will be using your dollhouse and where you will place the heat source. Will it be outdoors by the window, inside by the fire, or in a room with a propane-powered heater? In all cases, remember that adding furniture can make a windy day much more difficult than when houses are just completed.

Getting Electricity, Ladders, and Elevator Parts

For many people building their own dollhouse might seem like a daunting project. There are so many places to start and so much information out there about do it yourself tasks that can easily overwhelm the everyday craftsman. But if you break up the process into small steps and use some of these helpful articles and resources, getting your projects off the ground will be much easier.

Building the Dollhouse

It’s a common fantasy of many children to create their own little environment at home that they can go in and play with. Whether it’s building a little house, making a dollhouse, or creating your own doll creations itself, having your own safe space is definitely something most children hope for and deserve. Connecting with such creativity is how the company Meganlovesdolls aims to spark imaginations of those who love little girls.

How to Decorate the Dollhouse

Building a dollhouse can be hard from the point of how to take care of it, as well as how to change things up and make it interesting. When decorating your own house, you want to work with themes and colors that represent you. Whether you like vintage style or modern design is what makes your house stand out.



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