Crime Stories You Need to Read

The following list of the best crime stories is a compilation of some of the most popular and critically acclaimed titles from the genre. While there are many great crime novels, here we have listed five that are must-reads for any admirer of crime novels. They are selected based on multiple factors such as popularity, intriguing plots and undercurrents, compelling characters and genres.

What is a crime story?

A crime story is a narrative oral or written account of a criminal incident. Crime stories may range from the mundane to the bizarre and tragic, but they all share one thing in common: they’re entertaining.

Stories of crime that shocked the world

Crime stories have been around as long as man has. Stories of crime that shocked the world reveal the true nature of evil, whether it be a serial killer, rapist, or terrorist. Stories such as these are important because they tell us where we need to put our focus in order to increase security and make the world a safer place.

Crime stories before the internet

Crimes before the internet have been around since the beginning of time. There is no better way to get a sense of what life was like before cell phones, the internet and social media than with a crime story. Whether it’s about a robbery or murder, these stories can give you insight into how our world has changed.

The best and worst of police procedural novels

Crime novels are a definite guilty pleasure for many. The best crime novels leave you guessing, asking yourself how much of the main character’s story is actually true and how much is fiction. This also leaves you wondering if you could be involved in an unsolved murder someday. The worst crime novels make you feel like you’re reading about your own life because that’s exactly how they’ll present it!

How to write crime fiction

Crime fiction is a tricky genre. Not only are you trying to capture the reader’s attention with an intriguing mystery, but you are also working against some of the most difficult challenges for authors. Crime fiction is not about finding the perfect set-up, but rather finding ways to make your story ring true. To write crime fiction, use these tips from bestselling author K.C. Wells: 1) Write characters who are real people who act like real people 2) Keep your story focused on human relationships 3) Allow readers to think more than they do 4) Spend time crafting the plot and subplots 5) Find a scene that captures the emotion of what’s happening

Tips on writing suspenseful scenes

Suspenseful scenes are incredible to read, but they are difficult to write. It is important to keep your reader engaged in the story while they try to figure out what will happen next. Start with a detailed description of what the character sees, feels, and hears. Add details as you go to draw the reader into your story.


As the year comes to an end, we are looking back on all the stories that were published this past year. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Thanks to everyone who read these stories and helped contribute with your feedback.

Crime Stories That You’ve Always Wanted To Read

Book worms can find a multitude of story inspiration in their leisure time — novels, movies, TV shows, and even manga. Sometimes it can be hard to focus on taking your story masterpieces to the next level. Here is why crime stories offer you so many opportunities for your next masterpiece.

Crime Stories That You’ve Always Wanted To Read

Crime stories can be a controversial subject of course, and many people have very different takes on what makes a good crime story. The Crime Stories That You
‘ve Always Wanted To Read blog seeks to provide crime-based stories that are helpful to those who might be trying to unearth their inner criminal.

What Are Crime Stories?

Crime Stories can be thought to be descriptive or investigative storytelling, or a practice of telling stories based on what has happened in the past. In other words, crime stories may be true and happen to someone else (the fictive narrator), or they may be invented entirely and are constructed with historical reference points. Crime stories are typically told through narrative prose, but crime writing is often a mix of genres.

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Brilliantly Written Crime Story Characters: What Makes a Perfect Bad Detective?

Since I was really young, I’ve loved reading crime-story protagonists. Whether they were detectives who are untouchable or someone who turns out to be a psychopath, I could read these characters’ stories all day long. And I think it’s a good thing because the best way to learn about the kind of detective you want to be is by reading them, or watching their shows or movies. So if you’ve always wanted to write a beautiful and captivating detective protagonist and telling your story is one of those things on your list of goals, here are some guidelines for what makes a perfect career in crime-novel writing

What Is The Essence of the Readers’ Experience With a Crime Story?

Every crime story has an essence that sums up the readers’ experience. This can be as broad a concept as “The tension and action within it,” or as particularized a concept as “It’s how suspenseful the ending was.” The connections among what happens in a crime story and what happens with the reader are essential to capturing them. Without understanding this, you’re not likely to create interesting experiences for your audience while writing crime stories.

Twitter: Helping Crime Writers Gain Fame and Prominence

Crime Writers have always been faced with a formidable task: how to find a way to make their stories marketable and stand out in an industry where every single magazine is raided by hundreds of story robbers. While authors on Twitter reported that they’ve made some good status, it still feels like the crime writers are crying in the dark, except for now. Twitter gives them access to public eyes which enables the authors to earn more status than they might if they were just writing online without anyone seeing.

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