Connect The Dots Printable

If you’re looking for a helpful way to keep your toddler entertained on long car rides, check out these connect the dots printable you can cut out and keep handy.

What is a Connect The Dots?

Connect The Dots is a game that helps children learn shapes and colors. It starts by drawing a line to represent how far you are going. There are four dots at the end of the line to be connected with different colors. Players connect the dots in turns and the player who completes it first wins.

How to Make Your Own Connect The Dots

Connect The Dots is a popular game for kids for kids. If you want to make your own Connect The Dots printable, you’ll need to cut out the shapes, color them in, and then use a printer to create your own version of this game.

Different Connect The Dots Versions

You can find many different Connect The Dots versions on the internet. One of the most popular is the one that consists of three dots. You put a dot in the middle and then connect them both to the opposite sides by a line. Another version is just two lines with the dot in the middle.

Can Connect The Dots be Done on a Computer or Tablet?

Connect the Dots is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. There are many different ways to play with this game, but one way is to use a computer or tablet to complete your board.

How to Print Out your Connect The Dots

This is a very easy way to keep your Connect The Dots in front of you. You will need two pieces of paper, one for the dots and one for the lines. Cut out each piece and then put them on top of each other so they look like this:

Connect The Dots Printable Easy

Mind mapping is key to understanding and effectively planning out your course of action. This infographic from Integrate shows how mind mapping can work for you. By using circles and lines, to show time and sequence, this graphic will help you visualize how everything in your life intertwines. Each dot and triangle represents a physical item or process, while the color determines where they are in relation to one another. Another easy way to visually organize your thoughts and keep them on track is through color-coding your notes

What do you need to create a Connect the Dots activity?

One of the best ways to practice your subtraction skills is by creating a Connect The Dots picture. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper for this “random spawn” game. Divide the paper in two sections and make sure both pages are totally covered with dots. One student or an adult will draw on one half of the paper, while another person takes care of drawing on the other page. The first former will give instructions like “this is the ocean”. When they say – “sea”, they are telling the latter student when to put down a sea line onto their page. After all instructions are given, have students remove their fingers from the paper and see if they have connected all tiles to form something else, like food or people

How are Connect the Dots activities designed?

Connect the Dots are designed to teach children the process and understand how all of the dots go together, not just one on top of one. Connecting the dots correctly helps calculate area of shapes, which is a concept they will begin to explore as they work their way through the activity. Connect The Dots make it easier for your students to master concepts by giving them in an activity that mirrors real life in an engaging and visual way.

What can your students make with this activity?

This activity is perfect for the classroom! At first, your students will cut out the shapes into different sizes. Then they will “draw” a pattern on a paper using all the shapes. Finally, let them use this pattern to connect all of their selected shapes together by following the same lines. Your students can then mail these drawings to you and use your skill set to color as many of them as possible!

Put it into practice:

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Part 1: Your Classroom e Contact Info

This one is easy this gives you all the info of your class.

Part 2: Selection Process Form

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Part 3: Postcards of Student Works

The third step, postcards of student work, is just that. The idea here is to

Designing an easy way to create a Connect the Dots art activity

If you’re looking for a way to engage the whole family in art (and don’t already have an idea ready) then connect the dots might be the idea you’ve been looking for. It’s easy, fun, and is full of visuals on every page. Mini markers or crayons or watercolours work well because they are inevitable to lose during the activity.


In conclusion, we have now learnt about all eight super powers that each superhero has. We also discovered that all of the superheroes have their weaknesses and self-doubts. We can easily apply this lesson to our own lives. There is always something that we could be better at, or knowing more about a certain subject will open doors for us. Expose your children to different things that they might enjoy doing one day in the future with this easy printable!

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