Building lego Friends Summer Water Park

I love legos. I’ve always enjoyed building little creations with my son. We love legos friends, because they are girls and not boys! The summer water park is really fun to play with. I recently put it together, and spent an evening playing with my son.

What is a lego Friends Summer Water Park?

The set includes the “Summer Water Park”, a slide with an open bottom to fill with water, a sand pit for sand play, a lifeguard stand, and beach toys.

Instructions and photos of how to build the lego Friends Summer Water Park

The Lego Friends Summer Water Park has a pool and a hot tub for the kids to enjoy. It also has a water slide that goes from the top of the pool through the rock waterfall into the river below.

What materials are required for this project?

The materials required for this project are 301 pieces of Lego, one set of instructions, and a table. The instructions are divided into three steps.

What tips would you recommend for someone building the water park?

Lego gives you the option to build the water park with or without lifeguard. If you prefer to have a lifeguard, you would need to purchase an additional set. I recommend that you purchase the lifeguard if possible because it makes the set seem more realistic and adds value. Lego also lets you use real water instead of just colored bricks so your kids can enjoy playing with it.


Building lego Friends Summer Water Park was an extremely fun and satisfying project. It is great for kids of all ages which is why I recommend it to every parent. The instructions are very easy to follow and the final product is absolutely adorable.

The Best Toy for Summer! It’s Legos Friends Summer Water Park Fun!

The last thing you want to do in the summer is be inside battling boredom. The thing is, if you have kids you know that they can battle it right up until they pass out on the couch. Have no fear, because it isn’t summer without at least one trip to the pool or lake or having an ice cream social outside with your friends and family. And thanks to Legos Friends it’s just become that much more fun to get outside this summer.

Why You Should Buy This Toy

Legos Friends are the best toys you can buy this summer! They are cute, entertaining playsets that your kids will love playing with for hours on end. If you buy one, you’ll get handy instructions for putting together their waterpark themed set. It is made of bricks and comes with a lifeguard stand with a slide, pool, funnel splash game, and more. Your children will also want to dispose of the recommended 1200 pieces themselves- meaning no more excuse “I can’t find my piece.”

Who Should Buy the Legos Friends Summer Water Park Fun?

The Legos Friends Summer Water Park Fun is designed for girls (age 4-6). If you are looking to buy this toy for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or goddaughter then you should look into it.

What’s Inside the Box

This amazing summer-themed toy box has 399 bricks, a giant slide part, a pool with beach chairs on the sideline. Great for imaginative play and various various Lego Friends figures are included in the set.

How to Set Up Your New Lego Friends Summer Water Park Fun

# Instructions It is said to first download the Lego Friends Summer Water Park Fun Building Set app for Smartphones or Tablets. Turn on the phone or tablet and open the app once it finishes loading. Connect with Bluetooth then follow instructions to build your water park fun.


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