Build a Lego Friend’s Elephant

Kids love building with Lego Friends because it’s easy to play with, perfect for imaginative play and boosts their creativity. With this set, girls can build a LEGO Friends’ elephant that has a veterinarian clinic on its back!

The Life Cycle of a Lego Friends Elephant

The Lego Friends elephant has four stages to its life cycle: birth, childhood, adulthood, and elderhood. The first stage is the birth of the elephant. It takes about 10 min for it to be born, followed by 5 min of bonding with the mother. At the age of 3 months old, the elephant can start working. It’s job is to carry stuff around or put them in places where they belong. When it reaches 6 months old, it feels ready for big adventures.

How to Build a Lego Friends Elephant

To build the Lego Friends’ elephant, you will need the following parts:
1x Elephant Head
2x Front Legs ( you can use any but I used pink)
2x Back Legs (you can use any but I used pink)
1x White Tail
1x White Nose
3x Black Eyes
1x Yellow Plate for the tongue
3x Gray Hips
5x Blue Spikes for tusks
2x Black Hooves
1x Pink Spear for tusk

Beast Friends Set List

Model #42085

What do you need?

The first thing you will need are 24 Lego bricks, 12 of which are 1×2 bricks, and the other 12 are 1×4 bricks. You will also need four 4×1 plates. To build the elephant trunk, you will need two 2×8 white tiles. To make the front legs, arrange six 4×8 black tiles in an X-shape.

Instructions for building a elephant

The instructions for building an elephant are as follows:

LEGO Friends Rescue an Elephant

This article tells the story of Lego Friends, a new Lego product designed to be more inclusive. Although these female characters were deliberately created with diverse backgrounds and personalities, the toys may not help combat stereotypes.

To understand the LEGO Friends, the reader will need to know that they are a group of female Lego figures created for girls aged six to twelve. This book takes place in their world, which is full of stories of friends coming together to rescue one another or save wildlife.

The elephant in the story, Phoenix, is living in a circus and is about to be sent off to an animal show. The Friends need to create a rescue plan and figure out how they were going to get through the circus grounds during the day when no one was paying attention to them.


Setting has a big impact on the plot! In a desert or jungle, there aren’t a lot of people around for a human-looking elephant to interact with. That’s different from the savanna where the elephant might be surrounded by other animals and people more often.


Emma and Molly go to an Asian elephant habitat to care for the animal. They spot the elephants favorite fruit–a banana– and Emma uses a truck loaded with hay and releases it into the tall grass. As she does, her shoe crushes the fruit and the elephant cries out. The girls climb up to meet the plumbers who are fixing a problem with the hose. They tell Anna, one plumber, about their dilemma who warns them that careless human beings can be as dangerous as fire ants!


The children found an injured baby elephant in the jungle. Their curiosity compelled them to explore. The truth is, there are many dangers for people not terribly experienced with wild animals, but the child’s sense of adventure was too strong to run back to safety.


One day Jake the dog is playing with the building blocks when an elephant friend of Timmy’s appears out of nowhere. As they are playing, it begins to rain, causing the blocks to grow slippery and difficult to stack. The tower of blocks topples onto young Timmy giving him a bump on his head. This sparks an argument between Jake and Timmy over whether or not Jake should have helped Timmy put more blocks on the pile.


You can decide how you want your final picture to look. Change the size of the tiles by going to Tools > Preferences, where you’ll find a “Tile Size” menu with various sizing options. In most cases, standard pixel printing will be ideal. However, if your image is small or contains many components that would be difficult to see with a smaller image, then choose one of the larger-sized formats from the Tile Size menu.


Looking for an ethical-friendly toy that inspires creativity and encourages the development of social skills? LEGO Friends Rescue Despereaux is your answer.



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