Best Games for One-Year-Old Children

Parents might know that having a one-year-old child is an incredibly time-consuming and exhausting stage. What’s worse is that, as they grow older, it can be difficult to find games for them. But worry not! This article has compiled the best games for one-year olds, ranging from classic to interactive games.

Top 10 games for one-year-old children

A one-year-old child will be able to start showing interest in playing games. Some of the best games for a one-year-old are those that involve exploration and discovery. These games allow children to learn through play. The top ten games can stimulate a child’s creativity as well as their sense of independence, which is important at this age because it helps create a feeling of being competent and capable.

What are the benefits of playing with a one-year-old child?

Playing with a one-year-old child is a great way to make them happy and teach them about the world. Playing is a special time when they learn important things in the most natural way possible. It’s also a time where they can explore their skills and abilities.

Games that promote development of children from 1 to 3 years old

A common question for parents with a one-year-old baby is “What games should I play with my child?” The answer usually depends on the developmental stage of the child. A year-old baby can not be expected to amuse themselves for long periods of time or even have a lot of control over their motor skills so anything that requires sitting still is best avoided. Games that promote development from 1 to 3 years old are ball games, stacking blocks, and puzzles.

Games that promote cognitive development of children from 1 to 3 years old

These games are designed for children aged one to three years old. They are excellent for developing skills such as memory, reasoning, spatial awareness, and problem-solving. The best games for one-year-old children will also encourage creativity and imagination through exploration of the game’s world.


We have reviewed the top rated games for 1-year-olds so it will be easier for you to pick one. This way, your child will enjoy the game while getting better at using different parts of their brain.

Ideas for Fun Games to Play with a One-Year-Old Child

Learning when to take a break from the same old games and focus on something that will keep your child occupied and excited can seem like a tough decision to make. If you find the time, then the list below is full of fun games for one year olds broken up by category so you can mix it up and try something new!

Ideas for Fun Games to Play with a One-Year-Old Child

Games are important for the development of a one-year old child’s emotional, motor, and social skills. The best games at this age are interactive because it will help them learn to take turns. Two games that parents can play with their one-year-old are “What Do You See?” where the parent shows him objects hidden in his diaper bag or tells him what’s down below on the street, and “Zip ‘n’ Zap” where you take turns throwing things into containers that are too heavy to throw them out of sight

Include Some Suggestions That Are Realistic

There are many games but what parents need to keep in mind is that they should be age-appropriate. It’s much more important that they enjoy the game than it is to include ones that kids much older may enjoy. Games that involve music, singing, or simple chasing are excellent for this age group.

Prizes for Completing the Fun Activities

Here are a few activities a one-year-old would enjoy:

List Out Different Events/Activities to Keep Children Busy

Plan for an active day of play or head to the park. Swing sets and slides are great places to visit because they allow children to run, play, and burn off all that pent-up energy! You can also go for a walk in the neighborhood, take a walk through the local museum, or head to your local zoo. But what if you really need something quick and easy just to get through the day? And that’s when we have our last idea: The car ride. Car rides can be very entertaining due to different views and sounds just passing by outside. And not only that: try reading backwards off a sign!

End With Some Journaling Prompts For Parents

It is unlikely that your day-to-day life with your child will ever involve monumental, historic actions. But if the two of you like thinking up stories to tell or role playing in make-believe, then this activity, which you can do just about anytime, can provide a great way for you to measure how your parenting skills have progressed over the past year. Keep a journal and document some of your smartest moves, most creative solutions to a problem, wisest words uttered by someone else’s child and some of the funniest things he or she has said. Over time, you’ll have an amazing archive from which to draw on when trying to set goals for yourself and your child.



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