Barbie Doll with Long Hair

Barbie dolls come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of hair styles and colors. But what if you don’t see the barbie doll you want in the store? Our experts give advice on how to find custom Barbie dolls, including information about where to buy them, what they cost, and more.

What is the purpose of this blog?

I am a hair stylist, and I wanted to share my latest Barbie doll experience with you. I cut her hair for a client, and she looked a little different at the end of the process. This is because these dolls have heat-activated synthetic hair that can be styled.

Why do people like long hair on Barbie more than short hair?

People choose long hair on Barbie because it is more aesthetically pleasing. In the past, people have been told that women should wear their hair long to look more fashionable. It also helps make a woman seem more feminine and less masculine.

What are the benefits of having long hair on a Barbie doll?

Although some people feel that long Barbie hair is unrealistic, it is still a popular style for many girls. The main benefit of long hair on a barbie doll is that it offers plenty of styling options. It can be styled up or down or even in a ponytail. Some people, especially parents, also feel that the long hair offers more protection for the barbie’s head and neck against being twisted too far to one side.

Is it difficult to find Barbie dolls with long hair (and what are the alternatives)?

It is difficult to find Barbie dolls with long hair. There are many reasons for this including cultural and ethnic preferences. For example, in some cultures, girls with long hair are expected to keep it covered whereas in other cultures like India, women shave their heads after marriage.

I believe that Barbie is a great toy for children. It teaches children about what it means to have long hair, which is oftentimes a struggle for many of the kids who have very short hair. Plus, it has given people new standards on beauty and has opened up new career opportunities for girls who want to be more than just model thin.

Barbie Dolls With Long Hair

All doll collectors and also Barbie lovers know that the dolls come in different hairstyles. That is why we will show you how to dress up your doll with long hair. The process starts by combing the hair, then take a toothbrush and remove all knots and tangles. Afterwards wet her hair and try to brush it gently without making too many kinks at the same time.

What is a Barbie Doll?

There are many different styles of Barbie dolls with long hair. Some of them have the iconic Daria style, while others have glamorous beach waves or ombre blonde streaks. There are different faces too- some girls have blue eyes, others with brown. Lots of our bloggers often find themselves playing for hours with Barbie dolls with long hair!

Types of Barbie Dolls

There are three main types of Barbie dolls with long hair: Sports, Pretties, and Curls. The designs vary across the lines, but most of them have pierced ears, closed toes or open-toes, and light color eyes that allow them to “see” using either traditional or new LED technology. They also come in seven heights to correspond with the rest of our Barbie doll complements.
Sports Barbies are built for playing any -outdoor sports like surfing, skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking, running track & field events- this doll has extra thick torso to withstand falls.
Pretties are all about looks! This Barbie is loaded with hairstyles and fashion accessories she can mix-match to make new styles

The benefits of a long haired Barbie Doll

A Barbie doll with long hair is more or less just like a traditional Barbie, but with an important distinction. Long hair Barbie dolls are models with four sets of hair included in the package, while short hair Barbies get two sets. This stands to reason; long-haired Barbies are difficult (though not impossible) to play with when they sit on their hands due to tight clothing, while the styling advantages of tight pants can cover up short hair.

Problems with a short hair Barbie

Barbie has come under criticism for the unrealistic proportions of her figure, which some say contribute to girls developing eating disorders, and well as her shorter hair. Mattel remeasured Barbie’s body, but refused to change the doll’s iconic look. While it may be true that kids can adjust themselves to white dolls with pink skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, they might not be contemplating the social messages they convey to society.


I believe that Barbie’s long hair is her greatest feature. Starting from a doll for a particular audience, the company has expanded its marketing success to different age groups and international markets. For the modern parents, it is very difficult to find toys that will help their children develop morally and intellectually.This creates a market niche for many other products such as books, games, and TV channels.

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