Barbie and Chelsea: Lost Birthday

In the article, Barbie and Chelsea are trying to remember her sister’s birthday. She can’t find any clues about it, but at the last minute she remembers that her mom made a cake for her and her daughter – but it was for the wrong day!

What is a Lost Birthday Doll?

A lost birthday doll is a toy that comes with the instruction to send it in and the address to where it can be sent. It has a different name on it and a different story of how you found it, who knows where…

Why did Barbie and Chelsea get lost?

Barbie and Chelsea were playing hide-and-go-seek, but they got lost! They went to the wrong place and ended up in a special room with no exit. It was a magical room that had lots of surprises. The girls found everything they could possibly want there. There was even food!

How can you find your lost birthday doll?

For some reason, you have misplaced your birthday doll. You know that one day in the month of March when you first opened her up, but after a few months it seems like she has disappeared. One of the possible scenarios is that you accidentally threw her out with the trash and because you are only five years old and this was your first time opening her, you don’t remember when she came into your life. Another scenario is that maybe someone took her from your house. The last thing to do would be to contact Mattel customer service.

What are the benefits of getting your doll back?

If you’ve misplaced your doll, it is possible that someone has found it and taken it. It is always a good idea to check for lost toys especially at a party where lots of kids are playing with them. If someone does find your doll and takes it, you should immediately report the person to the police.

The conclusion is that Chelsea’s day was ruined by Barbie.

A blog article on Barbie and Chelsea losing their birthday.

Little Chelsea is worrying over her next birthday party when it’s already time for bed. The worst part? She can’t remember what day it is! Luckily, Barbie helps find Chelsea’s birthday, finally giving the little girl a goodnight kiss- before going and uploading important details to Instagram.

What is the story behind the article?

It is a story that was in print, but I don’t remember what my birthday is. My mom says it was February 18th. We were going to decorate my cake with ninja turtles, but she got sick and couldn’t do it. Then I had to have one of those party type things at school because she missed so much school and work because she got sick. The article talks about what my birthday would have been like if she hadn’t gotten sick

Who are Barbie and Chelsea?

Many people today rarely celebrate others’ birthdays, Barbie and Chelsea are two girls that don’t make this trend of forgetting their birthday annual. According to London-based Barbie and Chelsea’s mom Fiona Stylesky, Chelsea has been with Barbie since she was an infant which they have kept as a secret up to this day.

What happened to their birthday

On Chelsea’s birthday, Chelsea found out that it was changed to the ids day of the following month. This caused o lot of problems for Chelsea because she has leftover presents to attend to with her friends and after three hours of reminding them on the phone, finally stuck the issue in an email. The next day, someone from a part-time job called to tell Barbie that because of this stupid mistake by the boss, they need a new computer but can’t get it by the end of Christmas.

Faults with the concept of celebrating birthdays

People who don’t like celebrating birthdays have a very specific distaste for the celebration. Some parents in many world cultures believe ritual and ceremonies are unnecessary, because life continues for every day of it. We often hear about how birthdays have been turned into not so fun events involving gifts, cake and parties; this way, birthday celebrations have become one time where everyone is subjected to the same. Critics argue that the word “birthday” in the first place should be changed from “boy’s” to “Lord’s Day.”

Contrasting views about birthday celebrations

Both Chelsea and Barbie chose to spend the evening making something they love out of party supplies was an option. Barbie made a quilt while Chelsea made mini books of pictures from her favorite movies. However, each girl really valued different things in their respective celebrations.


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