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Keeping your child’s time occupied can sometimes be quite a challenge. Children, as we all know, can have a lot of different ideas per minute. Spending quality time with your child requires organization, ingenuity and creativity, but playing with your child does not have to be based solely on the use of toys. A very good form of fun, which not only entertains, but also develops the manual skills of the child, are art works – including various coloring books for children.

What are the advantages of coloring books for the youngest?

A child at preschool age goes through a time of intensive development. At this age it is very important to stimulate their manual skills, which will be useful even while learning to write. Coloring books are not only a way to fight boredom, but they are also a great tool for learning to focus and operate hands. In addition, they stimulate the child’s imagination, teach individual colors and the precise use of tools such as crayons, paints, markers and others. Developing these skills stimulated by coloring pictures is very helpful later on when learning to write. Children who spend time playing with coloring books do better with the activities taught in school. It is also important to note that coloring books for toddlers are extremely important in the development of children’s artistic sense. Coloring books and colouring books are also a very good idea to occupy a child, if it needs to play alone for some time without the supervision of a guardian, however, we must remember that the most valuable time for a child is the time spent actively with a parent.

Why should you think about colouring books to print?

When a parent hears the word “coloring book”, he usually thinks of a booklet available for purchase in a bookstore, kiosk, stationery store or online. Of course, such a ready-made coloring book is a very good idea to play with your child, but if for some reason you don’t want to, you can’t go to the store or you just don’t feel like waiting for the courier to deliver the package, then a great solution is to use the patterns that are available to print. Such coloring pages for printing are available in a variety of varieties – complicated for older children and adults or very simple for the youngest.

How to choose a coloring book for kids to print?

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a coloring book for your child is whether it is dedicated to toddlers and what kind of pictures it contains, because complicated coloring patterns for adults are not always suitable for preschool children. You also need to pay attention to printability and the format on which the picture to color is located, so that you do not encounter technical problems when printing. Drawings for children should be characterized by interesting patterns and thick lines – a good idea are pictures depicting, for example, the child’s favorite fairy tale heroes. It is good when the drawing to be coloured fits on the whole A4 page – thanks to this we do not waste paper, which is not only economical but also beneficial in the era of environmental protection. A great idea for colouring pictures for children are also collections of sheets printed on one blank page.

The theme of the coloring book should be chosen according to what the child is interested in – this will make it easier for the child to get interested in it and get more pleasure from coloring. There are designs available online that will appeal to every child – no matter if they like horses, princesses, superheroes or perhaps military vehicles.

Many websites, for example, offer their printable coloring pages for kids. Taking some time and browsing through a few worthwhile sites is worthwhile and allows you to find many coloring book designs for kids of all ages in one place – especially if you have two kids or more. Coloring books may be too complicated for a two-year-old who can’t handle paints yet, but a five-year-old won’t have any problem with them anymore.

What kind of coloring books for two-year-olds?

A two-year-old child is already a curious toddler, who is interested in everything – from nature to everyday objects. At this age help in developing his artistic skills is invaluable. It is best to look for the simplest coloring pages to print – those which have thick lines and not too complicated patterns, because too advanced will simply bore and frustrate the child. It’s a good idea to give such a toddler special, non-toxic finger paints, thanks to which he will start to learn colors and gradually use his hands. Of course, you shouldn’t expect that the toddler will paint the picture flawlessly and perfectly right away. Coloring pictures for a two-year old can present ordinary objects, fruits, toys, geometrical figures or animals – by the way the child will start to learn their names. Some parents also like to choose coloring books for a two-year-old according to the gender of the child.

What coloring book for a two-year-old boy?

Two-year-old boys often show great interest in the world. They try to test, check everything that is around them, they are interested in everyday objects. Such a developing toddler will definitely benefit from artistic development. Coloring books for two-year-old to print is the perfect idea to spend time with the child together or temporarily occupy him, when we can not be very close to him. For such fun, you should first of all buy non-toxic crayons, which are suitable for small children who like to taste all the objects. The design of the coloring book for a two-year-old depends only on the parent – many of them decide on simple cars and vehicles that fascinate their kids and allow them to fulfill themselves artistically. Another frequently chosen motif are teddy bears or characters from well-known and popular fairy tales.

What coloring book for a two-year-old girl?

Already at the age of two, a child is able to indicate what he likes or dislikes, giving parents an insight into their first interests. When looking for a printable coloring book for a two-year-old, many parents of little girls choose patterns that depict cartoon characters, such as the popular Mickey Mouse or Peppa Pig, that interest them. Sometimes, however, the child is not absolutely interested in such patterns and loudly expresses its objection. It is not uncommon for girls to have coloring pages with animals – dogs, kittens or ponies. Using this type of patterns will also allow the parent to introduce their names and the sounds they make

What kind of coloring pages for preschoolers?

Children between the ages of three and five, who already attend kindergarten, can safely be introduced to themes that do not appear in coloring books for the youngest. As a rule, these are pictures of nature, the environment, everyday life, people in certain professions. Older children can also be introduced to other art techniques. Crayons are a well-known and loved classic, but kids will also like paints, as well as plasticine, colored paper for gluing or colored tissue paper, which can be used to form balls and stick them on the coloring book. Such a masterpiece will look great hanging on the fridge or framed, and children will be proud of themselves.

Coloring books for three year old boys

Children grow surprisingly fast, so a three-year-old, although not yet a senior, is very different from a two-year-old in terms of his abilities. In his case, coloring books for two-year-olds can already prove to be too simple. It is worth to observe your child and gradually increase the level of difficulty in artwork, adjusting it to his abilities. Boys at the age of three already show certain interests and have favorite fairy tale heroes, so an ideal pattern in a coloring book for a three-year-old may be Bob the Builder and his team or a picture showing a farm and animals living there. Among many boys, technological themes lead the way – robots, airplanes and spaceships. Interesting for three-year old boys are also painting pictures showing their favorite professions, for example, a fireman or a sportsman. Exercising a three-year-old’s manual skills every day will make later challenges, such as learning to write, much easier for him.

Coloring pages for three year old girls

Girls don’t have to be occupied only with playing with dolls or at home. Coloring printed pictures together will be a perfect way to spend time with parents and find topics that will fascinate a little girl. Coloring pages for little girls will include themes from the popular fairy tales “Iceberg” or “My Little Pony”, but coloring pages for 3 year olds can also depict scenes from everyday life, like playing in the garden or on the beach, or people with professions like doctor, policeman, singer and others. Many three-year-olds will also find passion in coloring stereotypically boyish pictures of cars or a soccer game. It is worth to teach your child that there are many possibilities and you don’t have to limit yourself!

Children at the age of three are just learning to work in focus, so it is worth helping them. Providing tools in the form of coloring books for three-year-olds will be extremely valuable in training attention and patience. It’s a good idea to prepare a set of coloring books for the next day in the evening and write them down so that you can save precious time later on finding the right pictures.

What kind of colouring books for 4 year old children?

Four years old children are already “older” compared to three years old children, that’s why simple coloring books for their younger counterparts might not be interesting. In this age children have already clearly defined interests and often manifest the desire to collect everything connected with their passion, therefore for such children coloring books for four year olds showing their favorite cartoon heroes, favorite vehicles or animals, which they happen to be fascinated with, will be a good idea.

Coloring pages for 4 year old boys

An older preschooler will certainly enjoy working on decorating his favorite characters – especially the popular ones. Preschool children share their interests and often want to own what others like, so it is very likely that coloring pages of ladybug cuties to print will be a hit due to their popularity. Another cherished theme on the coloring pages are household activities such as a trip to the woods, a picnic, a visit to the countryside or a party. Active four-year olds will surely be fascinated by the pictures depicting a ball game or ski jumping!

Coloring pages for four-year-old girls

Girls at the age of four, just like their friends, already have their passions and first interests. Many of them are “girly” themes depicting fairy princesses or charming scenes from everyday life, but they are certainly not themes for every four-year-old. Many little individuals will prefer children’s coloring books depicting physical activities, different vehicles or nature themes. Many girls at this age also have an emerging interest in animals, so doggies and ponies may prove to be a very good choice. Who knows, maybe the interest will develop into a passion later in the child’s life.

Coloring books for five-year-old children

Five-year-olds, just like their year-old friends, already have their idols and like to exchange their passions with each other. Children will appreciate the activity provided by, for example, coloring pages of the gang of cuties to print, which depict cute, widely advertised forest creatures. Also, coloring pages depicting various occupations and activities will be the perfect way to keep your child occupied. Five-year-olds will enjoy the opportunity to decorate their favorite characters, animals or objects in their own way. Coloring book to print does not have to be only a toy used at home or kindergarten, but it will be perfect for a trip by car or train. Thanks to it, the child will be able to spend time not only gazing at the views outside the window, but also developing patience and motor skills.

Five year old children should also be encouraged to expand their horizons, so coloring doesn’t have to be done only with traditional crayons or paints. Older children are already good at using their hands, so it is a good idea to suggest gluing on plasticine, colored paper or tissue paper. If you decide to use crayons, you can try many types of crayons – traditional, candle or watercolor crayons, which when combined with water give the same effect as painting with water paints.

Coloring books for older children

Coloring books are rather associated with preschool and early school age children, but no one is really too old to color. Certainly, in the life of every child there will be a period when he or she will find that painting on printed pictures is not for him or her – this is perfectly normal. In the teenage years children tend to develop completely different interests and give in to more serious entertainment and activities. However, it may turn out that an older child will be fascinated with art and developing his artistic skills. Fortunately, on the market and on the Internet you can find plenty of coloring patterns not only for the youngest ones – even adults will find something for themselves. It is a good idea to choose such a coloring book for adults. These are usually pictures divided into small fragments arranged in very complicated, detailed patterns, which for a small child would be definitely too complicated. Filling such fragments with colors is a good exercise of concentration, and also allows you to calm down and calm down, which in the period of storming hormones can help many a young person. Teenagers may also like coloring books combined with puzzles, in which you have to solve a code or answer a question, in order to guess the right color or a fragment of a picture to color. Such puzzling coloring books will not only be helpful in exercising the hands but also the brain.

The time spent with parents is the most important for children’s development – but it has to be the time when a parent gives his/her attention to the toddlers and is not just beside him/her. Coloring books for toddlers are the perfect way to connect toddlers with their caregivers, help strengthen bonds, and also develop their abilities. Such an activity is extremely valuable and recommended as a proper training of the child’s motor skills, as well as their ability to concentrate. You don’t need much to play coloring – just a printed picture to color, crayons or other utensils and a table. Thanks to this activity the child will gain what is most important for him/her – the parent’s time and attention. It does not matter whether it will paint simple coloring pages for toddlers or more complicated coloring pages for preschoolers.

Coloring books, coloring pages in the psychologist’s eye

Before a child goes to school, he should begin to learn certain mental and physical functions, which will be useful during school. As part of the stimulation of these functions, all kinds of coloring books, slides, tasks, in which you need to connect the dots, complete the various patterns, will certainly work.

Some parents think that coloring books are not a good option because they will teach reproductive thinking and are not worth using. Such people believe that it will be better if the child draws on his own. But this is not always how it will work out well.

Of course, it will be good to encourage the child to be creative in a free way, but coloring books, slideshows or connecting the dots are also good for the child’s development, as is creating drawings from given elements, drawing along the traces, adding missing elements. All these things will also influence the development of the child. These types of tasks will enable development. This type of exercise is also a preventative measure to avoid problems in the long run when a child is learning to read and write.

These types of games are great because thanks to them, it is possible to develop visual analysis and synthesis, visual-motor coordination, precision of hand and finger movements, control of muscle tension, which affects the use of crayons. It is also a good option that will develop the child’s memory, when it will learn what colors a given cartoon character has. Coloring books will also develop the imagination, thanks to them the child will be able to build in his mind the look of the character that will be created. It is also a chance to develop thinking and comparing, because it will be possible to compare the pattern with the painting, which will be created last.

Thanks to coloring a child can achieve the effect, which will be satisfied, and this will be for the child like a reward, which will continue to encourage further work. In this way, the child will also be able to learn perseverance, it is worth coloring the picture until the end, because then you will be able to admire it as a whole if it is beautiful. It is worth connecting all the dots to find out what is hidden in the grass in the picture. Children usually like to color, draw by tracing, but sometimes it clearly does not work out for them, they do not like such activities. Such children are usually not willing to draw at all, drawings may be clumsy. Unfortunately in such a situation it is worth paying attention to this issue, because there is a risk of dyslexia in the future.

If a child continues to have an aversion to drawing or colouring, it is a good idea to play together with the child as often as possible in such a way that it is necessary to use crayons, to make a line or to paint something. In this way it will be possible to effectively do something and encourage the child to draw.

Certainly, you can’t make the child fill in more pages of the coloring book. The child will simply get tired of it and will not want to do it.

You need to invent games, in which you will be able to unnoticeably smuggle exercises that will simply be needed by the child.